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  • KSchulz - It completely worked for my husband and I!Getting started was tough but putting our minds to it and wanting to see results helped. In just 2 1/2 weeks I had lost 6 lbs and after 4 weeks I began to notice some results. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is willing to put their minds to it and shape up or shed some pounds.
  • Morrigan Cider - This book saved my life!I have been suffering from Crohn's Disease since I was thirteen years old, that is, until two years ago. I followed the diet as detailed in the book and was amazed at the results. My only regret is that I did not try this diet sooner. It wasn't because I wasn't willing -I just wasn't informed that there was a better alternative to a life filled with semi-effective drugs with powerful side effects, bouts of agonizing pain, and bowel disfunction.I am *very* angry at every doctor who told me diet has no effect on Crohn's Disease. Elaine's scientific approach blows this myth out of the water. The only two question remain: 1) Why don't our doctors use this treatment before prescribing dangerous medications? 2) Why has the medical community ignored decades of science supporting this diet?Two years after folloing the diet, I am drug free, symptom free, and running 5 miles/day. Thank you Elaine, you saved my life.
  • Kathleen Fasone - Best Hairdryer I've ever owned....Absolutely LOVE this product... I first learned about this dryer as my hairdresser has one exactly like it..
    My husband who has some slight hearing issues had complained about the horrific noise my other hairdryers made,
    They really irritated his ears. So when I thought I'd give this dryer a try at home... and purchased through Amazon..
    I was and remain just delighted. It is so quiet--- yet dries my hair quickly and the shine that remains in my hair is amazing.
    Highly recommend this product. You will NOT be disappointed.
  • Jackie from Sidcup - Kindle FeedbackI have had my Kindle G3 since the New Year and cant put it down, It is so easy to use and I cant beleive the speed of the downloads. I purchased a leather cover with reading light which I found was neccessary when reading in low light. I thought it would be great to take away on holidays as It will save me packing my usual 10 books but I am using it most of the time. Amazon have the largest selection of books to download and they seem to be adding to this all the time I think it is one of the best things I have ever bought and would highly recommend it.
  • postman - works like it shouldI bought an hp laptop from a local retailer a month ago and the computer came pre-installed with a 60 day trail of norton. I've always used their products so I knew that I would be getting this new version of norton soon. I had 29 days left on the trail version when I bought the full version. Very easy to install and didn't take long at all and it dosen't slow my computer down at all. HP computers work better with norton.