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  • Glen Gerhardt - Happy with SoftwareI am one of the few people that was still using the old Microsoft Monday. I knew Microsoft no longer supported it but it did what I needed so I didn't bother upgrading. Well, financial institutions started making the decision for me so I looked into it and upgraded to Quicken. This has worked great. I went through Microsoft's site and converted all my history over.
  • harney - clear skin with this comboBig fan of the website and now that the products are being sold on Amazon I couldn't be happier. I used The Regimen every day, twice a day along with another acne product ClearZine (2 Bottles) - The Top Rated Acne Treatment Pill. Eliminates Blotchiness, Redness, Blackheads and Zits which has helped out with the breakouts on my face which is great considering that because of the medication I'm on, I break out much more than usual. Though I'm happy to say that since I started taking this combo a month ago, I haven't had a breakout since. my skin is so much better. I had only one pimple throughout the entire month. I am so happy to have found this. Also since I have started it I have noticed older scars looking lighter and the overall complexion being less greasy as well as it goes a long way to keep my skin from drying out. I love this so far. I hope it keeps working.
  • terry monroe - The answer to a great morningI love this coffee no caffeine feeling or effects. I am on my third box. I am telling all of my friends and family. This is better than coffee. The benefits of Ganoderma is amazing. I feel better, my skins looks better and here is the bonus- It controls my appetite. I am losing weight. Yes, I do exercise for 5-10 mins. No longer than 10 mins. I am feeling great at 561/2
  • Poopsie Efficient - Been using this for years now...Before Kaspersky became popular I did a search on the best security software and bought it. It came up for renewal and Kaspersky wanted about 90 bucks for me to renew it, for the 3 Users version that I had. I came to and got it delivered free, under 30.00, so go figure! This is THE place for deals. It pays to shop around and use