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  • Philip - This is the best smartphone to dateI looked at all the offerings and was about to get an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy III (probably iPhone) if this phone did not deliver. It has everything I need and that is more than the other phones offered. The phone itself is more durable than the others and in my opinion looks better and feels better in the hand. The battery life is very good and performance is excellent. I am a developer and I can contest that the architecture and design both software and hardware are superior to Android and iOS in most regards. No doubt the others will catch up soon but for now WP8 and Lumia are the best of breed.

    I had let my 8 year old son (a computer wiz) play with the phone and he said it was much better than iOS and Android. When I bought this phone I also bought one for my wife. She quickly gasped why didn't you buy the iPhone? So I told her to go down to the AT&T store and replace the Lumia with the iPhone, no problem for my as I am a very big Apple fan. I had grown up near Silicon Valley, read Steve's bio (excellent), as well as iWoz (another genius) and have Apple products.

    So my wife went to the store and reviewed the other phones. She came home with the Lumia 920!

    The phone has performed very well and has survived at least one drop so far. Most of the big applications on the other phones are now also available on WP8. The windows store is also very good and I have had no problems with it as opposed to iTunes and Google's App store.
  • Abdul kareem - Best tablet outPutting GPS issue aside this is the best tablet out. Especially with ICS this tablet is a great netbook replacement.
  • Kimberly H. - Our best find yetWe got this for our son when he was seven weeks old, thinking that because he was such an active kicker, it would be fun to see if nothing else. He LOVES it. Being a touchy baby, we were concerned it might be overstimulating -- and admittedly, after 15-20 minutes, it is -- but it is the first toy he has really gotten into and to date, the only one that he'll play with when fussy. At nine weeks, he loves kicking the keys and playing with the mirror that hangs from the middle. We've gotten more smiles from this than anything else. The sounds are not annoying to an adult and we love that it can change configuration to grow with him. Highly recommend!