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  • Joy li "Joy" - worked the very first timeI just got it at the checkout place of Michaels. I soaked my feet for a little while, because that's what they do at the spa pedi place, so I think it helps to soften the skin first. The rotating speed is very fast and I only need the low speed. You should only apply a very gentle pressure to the point where it does not affect the rotating then it will do the job. There is no need to press on it at all which will stop the motor. The result is immediate, as my heels are so soft and you can see all the tiny pieces it shred off. I recommend you do this over the bath tub so you dont have to clean up all the tiny pieces afterwards. Otherwise, it will be scattered around, mostly on your lap. I dont see the need to use it often, maybe once a week is good enough.
  • gimmemyish "great dump" - YO, THIS WORKS ! ! ! !I have tried, I'd say, about 10 things in the past 4 years to get me regular and take solid dumps. I eat pretty well, but I always have this full and uneasy feeling after using the restroom. I think I have had constipation and I never feel that "ahhhhhhhhh" satisfied feeling after using the restroom, just discomfort and annoyance. I've tried mineral oil, pills, psyllium husk, fiber, and various other variations of the sort.

    I picked this product up, I kid you not, about 2 hours ago, and popped four pills in. Let me tell you something. I was laying down and I had this automatic feeling that came ovr me to go and use the restroom and I took one of those dumps where you feel damn good. No backup and honestly I feel happy that I did. It's been a good while since I've taken a dump like that. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is frustrated and lives on a day to day basis with that backed-up feeling. Purchase these. And they're natural. I wish you could post pics on this thing, but that would be gross and funny. But at least it could make all of you believers.