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  • Victor Rico-Gray "ricogray" - simply put: excellent!!!!I have ben a fan of Sade for a long time now. However, this blue-ray disc has blown me away. Simply put it is EXCELLENT!!!! What a great production, and to see the group really rocking and enjoying themselves is a gift to cherish. You will not be dissapointed, see, hear!!!! Just the openning with the light show and the band entrance is great!!!!
  • Lindsay - Finally! Something that works!ORIGINAL REVIEW from July 25,2012: This product has kept me irritation and infection free for over a month now!

    I have been struggling with vaginal irritation for the past 3 years. I changed my laundry detergent, went to numerous doctors ($$$), and tried a plethora of OTC treatments (including herbal treatments). NOTHING WORKED. The irritation would get better, but then it would come right back. I've suffered with UTI's, yeast infections, and, most recently, I've been getting this red irritation on my outer labia. I was checked for an STD, and it came back negative (thank God!). So, my gyno said it might be an imbalance in my vaginal pH. She put me on some antibiotics, thinking it was bacterial vaginitis, but that didn't work either. My life had become overshadowed by this issue. It affected my work life, my social life, and, worst of all, my love life had suffered to the point where I just didn't want to have sex anymore.

    So, I decided to try this product, and it has kept me feeling fresh and irritation free for over a month! I have subscribed for two refills monthly. The price on Amazon.com is the cheapest that I've found. I use it a few days before my period, the day after my period stops, and after sex if I start to feel any discomfort. Also, I'm on the pill (Ortho-cyclen), and this product still helps to keep my pH balanced.

    If nothing has worked for you yet, TRY THIS PRODUCT. At $13/box, it's one of the cheapest ways to keep your vagina happy and healthy! :)

    UPDATE from Feb. 23, 2013: It has been almost a year since I began using this product. I find that I do not have to use it very often now. I still keep at least one box on hand in case I begin to feel irritation.

    Also, to shed light on some of the other reviews: Yes, after a day or two you will see a white discharge (that looks like cottage cheese, but it is NOT YEAST). It is the natural shedding of the vaginal wall and some of the gel leaving you body. When you first use the gel, you may feel a very, very mild burning sensation. After about 20 minutes, you will begin to feel relief.

    Overall, I am so incredibly grateful for this product. It has changed my life (and especially my sex life)! Thank you!