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  • Liane Martinelli - LOVE LOVE LOVE this product line!

    As a former ProActive user, I can say with confidence this is a much better product. I am 42 years old and have struggled with Acne my entire life - not horribly, but enough in my T-Zone to be embarrassing and hurtful. While Proactive does help keep acne at bay, as I am growing older, it was drying out my skin, which led me to look for an alternative. After trying many professional grade products & suffering with horrible breakouts, I found what I was looking for with Exposed! My skin is dewy, & fresh, & best of all, ACNE FREE. I still have scars that are healing but their MicroScrub and the dermacloth are helping reduce them daily. I still have the occasional breakout with my hormonal cycle; however, they are SO much smaller, and shorter time frame - no painful cysts any more. When hormones aren't conspiring against me, my skin is so clear I can go without make up. As a Jazzercise Instructor, this is very important to me as I teach at 6:00 am and when you are sweating alot, you don't want cover up! With Exposed, none is needed. I'm modeling in a Bridal Show soon, in my office job I deal with clients all the time, and I am getting married next August - with the Exposed kit and daily use, I feel so much more confident about my face. And if it doesn't work for you? You get a money back guarantee - everything to gain and nothing to lose!!! THANK YOU Exposed for giving me my face back!

  • ERIC - Sick

    This tablet is amazing. I've had it for almost a year now. It's super fast an does everything that I want it to do. I mostly just surf the web here an their but I do more reading on it than anything else. The screen is fantastic an bright an quality is amazing. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a powerful 10.1 tablet.