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  • D. Roberts "anoldhippy" - Best financial package aroundI have used Quicken for almost 20 years. The banks make you upgrade every 3 years if you want to continue to use it online. But...it is worth it. Once logged in, a couple of clicks and I know immediately where ALL of my money is. checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards...everything money. I wouldn't think of making purchases online without it.
  • V. Palomera - Does the JobI have been using this product every other month or so for the past 2 yrs. I know some people have rated that it is no good, my experience with this product has been great. I take the pills in the morning and before bed as directed and I do not feel bloated as i would when i do not take the pill. Sure when you first begin taking them you are going to feel weird, by weird i mean upset stomach and possibly (depending on the person) diarrhea. People have to understand it's meant to CLEANSE it is not a magical pill, you do have to do some exercise and drink plenty water to see results. Also good when taken with the fat burner. Hope this helps possible purchasers.
  • Deepenn - The Plan has changed my life.I am 65 and have been on every diet out there. The last few years I was thinking I had developed an intolerence to wheat, dairy, nuts and the list was growing. I didn't know what foods were safe for me to eat and not effect how I was feeling (both physically and mentally.) I was drawn to the book because Lyn said she had a systematic way of testing foods that effect you. I read the book and it was like she wrote it to me and what I was going through. I am not only feeling great but I have had many changes I didn't even expect to have. I am loosing weight faster than I ever have, my skin has improved, my breathing has improved, my sleeping has improved, and the list can go on and on. I recomend this book to everyone
  • M. A. Ramos - Painless Legal DocumentsI have meant to make a will for a decade. Even started one ... but never finished. This package has not just a Will but various legal documents that you will need that will make life easier on your family. Some of the documents included that can be generated are your Will, Health Care Directive, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, Your Final Arrangements, Documents for Your Executor, Information for Caregivers and Survivors, Personal Finance Documents, Home & Family Documents; and this is not an all inclusive list. If you log onto the companies web site they give you access to a Living Trust. This box set not only came with the software but also a hard copy of the book "The Legal Answer Book for Families."

    So now you can quickly and almost painlessly generate your legal documents and save some money. It helped me as the program explains each document and helps you fill out the documents with an onscreen interview process. And if that is not enough you can turn too the book. This product works. I recommend this.