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  • chris herrick - Farm livingThe simplicity of this slicer appeals to the farmer in me. Having relied many years on an inferior knife that produced slices of variable thicknesses, I find the uniformity of slices with this device a welcome respite to my daily hog feeding routine. My sows no longer have to put up with irregular morsels. Some may ponder how a hog could be so particular whilst devouring bananas. One look at their smiling faces tells the whole story. I find my hogs gain weight faster with the new slices. Digestion also seems more complete too, thereby producing less malodorous gaseous emanations. Yes, I highly recommend this slicer to all the hog farmers out here in the Dakotas. Tastier pork you will not find if your hogs consume uniform slices of nature's wondrous tropical treat, the banana. I am looking forward to the same slicer that can be run on my John Deere power take off. Thank goodness for innovative minds and amber waves of grain.
  • Blondie83 - LISTEN TO ME!!!!!I have never written a review for ANYTHING before, but I had to write one for this product. Let me start off by saying that I have struggled with weight my entire life. I am a 29 year old mother of two, and growing up I was always the "fat" sister. I have been depressed and unsocial almost my entire life because of how uncomfortable I was with my body. Til this day I still get insecure at times, but it is a work in progress. I have tried counting calories but I was always in a bad mood because I was STARVING all the time. Even counting calories results in slow progress for me. I lost maybe a pound a week. I have tried working out to Julian Michael's DVD's (I own 3) and it was pure torture because I hated to sweat, it took way too long to get a full work out, and the next day I was so sore, I could hardly move. I have gone to the doctor for B-12 injections, took prescribed fat burner pills, and as time went on I started to become more depressed and pretty much said "screw it." I guess I was meant to be fat.

    I have heard about these Vi shakes from plenty of my coworkers, I figured it was just another scheme and a bunch of BS. When I heard it was $99 a month I laughed and said "good luck with that."

    I don't know what came over me, but I was up late one night and I read a post on Facebook about motivation and making things happen if you really wanted it. After reading all about Body by Vi, taking my friend's words into consideration, and reading countless reviews, I spent the $99, regretted it instantly.... then it arrived in the mail three days later.

    I drink a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and eat a balanced dinner. It tastes GREAT! Almost like a smoothie you'd buy at Jamba Juice. Trust me, I am a junk food junkie and these shakes are GOOD. I have NOT worked out AT ALL and I have a sit down office job. I lost 7 pounds in 7 days. I have even eaten mashed potatoes and grilled chicken from KFC as well as bean burritos and tacos from Taco Bell for dinner. On average, I lose a pound a day. I have NEVER felt so confident and skinny! When I look down while driving my stomach no longer pokes out further then my boobs and that is huge for me.

    I'm not going to lie, I have a shake at 6:30am and I am STARVING by 11am, so I bring a Blender Bottle (which I purchased on Amazon) and a baggie containing 2 scoops of my Vi mix with me. All of my shakes contain 12 ounces of low fat milk, 2 scoops of Vi powder, and whatever fruit I want to blend in such as a half of an orange, some strawberries, or a banana. That's it!

    This WORKS. It'll be the best investment you'll ever make. Think about all the money you will save on groceries, and how great your body will feel. The directions state to drink two shakes per day to lose weight and one shake per day to maintain your weight. You'll want to eat nuts, fruits and vegetables if you want to snack.

    Don't hesitate. BUY IT!!!