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  • Mrs. Karen L. Demmy "Avid Reader" - Extraordinary story!!This was and remains an extraordinary story.....about Elizabeth Smart, a rich teen kidnapped from her very own bed at knife point. For so long it was the speculation by most people that she was dead and probably at the hands of one or both of her parents. The world was astounded and overjoyed when we learned that Elizabeth was in fact alive and back home!! I for one felt a deep sense of happiness for Elizabeth and also a real regret for letting myself believe her own parents were responsible for her "death"! Elizabeth tells her own story and you can easily imagine what she went thru, yet of course not fully comprehend the horror. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for telling your story and letting us know the truth of what happened to you. I am so happy for you being saved and for going on to have a full and happy life!!
    Elizabeths continued belief in God and her never giving up is a great example of a good Christian.
  • Fred U Guventurk - Sugar controlI have severe sugar fluctuation. I used to carry food so I won't get sugar crash. I tried few different brands.
    Some were good but some just didn't do anything. This is one of the brand that working well. instead of 1000 mg I got 500 mg and using it 3 times a day. I stopped cholesterol and triglyceride medication to avoid side effects. After 3 months I had to start
    medication again but using garcinia cambogia 500mg once or twice a day. Some people are afraid to use medication together with garcinia cambogia. I have to use it together because can't handle sugar crash anymore.
    Update:10/8/2013 Still taking statin and niaspan. I am not able to take more than 2 500 mg garcina cambogia a day. Otherwise getting palpitations and severe exhaustion. one Am and second one around 2 pm is keeping my hunger and sugar level in control. I am not experiencing the headaches and disorientation due to hunger and sugar crash. No medication will work this good to control your sugar and sugar craving.