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  • Mark Twain "Mark" - Best Anti-Virus for Your Money - A+ Customer Service

    Thorough, easy to use, this tops any anti-virus or internet security software I've ever used. It is smart - it knows when to scan and it is constantly in contact with the Kaspersky virus database, keeping you up-to-date.

    Customer service was great - I had a problem with the code to keep the product renewed and they solved this issue promptly after I filed a report on their website.

    No frills and it gets the job done.

  • KK - Excellent tool for students

    The Top 300 cards are an excellent learning tool, especially for entry level pharmacy ( and medical students). Other data bases may be a bit overwhelming. The Top 300 cards provide a concise and organized synopsis of the basics. Also, the picture is very helpful for students to visualize the product which is extremely helpful in the learning process.