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  • jlmac3011 - A Single Serving of FunWelcome to Clementine's No Crap Café, where food is offered in its deliciously natural form, relationships are not easy but entertaining, friends are always welcome, and a good time is guaranteed. You'll find there is something for everyone.
    On the menu today is one fun loving, snarky vegan and one sexy, carnivore eating restaurant owner.

    Today's special:
    * The Zach Jeffries Sweet & Spicy Man Candy--With one look he will make your toes tingle.

    For Dessert:
    * Sweet Clementine--whipping up a variety of mouthwatering vegan cakes and pastries. These compliment the The Zach Jeffries Man Candy. Just a word of caution: Don't eat too many because she's been known to go from sweet to bitter at the drop of a hat.

    Side Offerings:
    * A Fantastic story of a woman who is sabotaged by a jealous co-worker. She is blacklisted and has to become resourceful to get her name back into the good graces of the restaurant community. She's snarky, humorous, loveable, and fun. To live in her mind for just a moment is a laugh out loud good time.
    * One incredible roommate. Sara is not a Skinny Bitch. She has curves and goes on auditions to land that prime acting gig. She is supportive, honest, and sometimes brutally honest.
    * A Blissful romance, well maybe not blissful. Zach and Clementine dance around each other. There are too many differences but you know what they say; opposites attract. Their pursuit and retreat of each other makes this story absolutely delectable.

    Being a Skinny Bitch has always meant cutting the crap out of your life. Clementine's No Crap Café will give you a great way to do just that. So, sit back and relax. Grab a glass of wine, a snack (vegan or not, it's your choice), and this wonderfully entertaining book. You'll find that it's just what you were looking for.
  • Kimberly Lang - awesome transactiongreat product, exactly as ordered...will help my son prepare for the pre pharmacy exam...Kaplan has great products that help you prepare for your exam
  • Carl Kirk - Mandatory reading for investors -- and CEOs"Analyzing words is as important as analyzing numbers," Rittenhouse writes -- and provides the roadmap for how to discern authenticity from spin, integrity from duplicity, and vision from myopia.

    Words matter. Learn how to discern the underlying truths in annual reports, shareholder letters, and quarterly earnings calls. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to emulate the investment savvy of Warren Buffet, to match the managerial success of Jack Welsh, or to spot the next Enron before its implosion.
  • Shea W - We LOVE the Tagg Pet Tracker!!!Tagg-The Pet Tracker Master Kit, White

    My husband and I are very active and take our two Vizslas everywhere we go. Both of our girls are very well behaved, but react diffently when frightened. Whether it's a thunder storm, fireworks, gun shots etc. Shelby runs to my side and sticks to me like glue. Sable on the other hand, prefers the "every man for himself" and runs to find a hiding spot.
    In the past six months, we had two separate scares. While hiking the appalachian trail near our home, Sable was spooked by gun shots and took off. She knows the trails really well, but she's extremely fast and Jason couldn't keep up with her. After three hours of frantic searching, he decided to head home to see if she made it there.(as she has in the past) Concerned that she would have to cross a road to get home, he drove slowly, searching the surrounding woods as he went. luckily, she found her way to a state gameland parking lot that they often park in. The lot was empty, and she was just sitting in the middle, out in the open, waiting for Daddy to find her. She knew enough to not cross the road, but find a familiar spot.
    A few weeks later, while kayaking at a nearby lake, she was spooked again as we rested lakeside. She isn't as familiar with the woods in that area, and luckily crossed a road without incident and found a woman working in her garden with her dog tied on a lead, and after a few minutes of coaxing, got close enough to allow the kind woman to read her tags and call my cell phone. We knew we needed to do something to keep track of her and keep her safe.
    The Tagg Pet Tracker is AMAZING! She can wear it while swimming, and I have downloaded the app to our Iphones, so we can track her every move! She spends a lot of time with my parents as well, and I was able to download the app for them as well. The peace of mind is well worth the cost of the unit and the small monthly fee. I have recommended it to many of my facebook friends who have houdini's that like to roam. Every day on facebook I see countless animals missing or found, and it breaks my heart because I know how terrifying it is to not know if your babies are safe. I no longer worry about that! Thank you Tagg!
  • Strat Cat - great for laptopsThis inexpensive but powerful subwoofer is a perfect upgrade for a small sound system. I have a Toshiba laptop connected to a pair of Bose powered bookshelf speakers, and I purchase this economical powered subwoofer to enhance the bass. On the back there is a power switch and a level control very simple. It has a nice tight sound and is perfect for my bedroom. Now my MP3s and internet radio have a full, rich sound. I don't think you can do any better for the price.