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  • C. Battista - I've never been more satisfied!just as I was about to submit my payment for this cable, the USPS showed up at my desk with a package. it was inside. if this cable can get standard mail here that fast you know it's worth the price. maybe a little too fast for Denon, as they never took my payment, this cable obviously has crossed the time/space continuum with my true intent to buy. I've tried multiple times since to duplicate this action, but I think it knows I know. I have yet to try to use the cable to buy another cable, I think maybe this is a bad idea.

    I never bothered to connect it to my equipment, I recommend you spend some time with it. start with it in the trunk of your car, then the glove box, center console, and eventually put it in your pocket and just carry it around before you ever try to use it. Lately I've been listening to John Lennon from beyond the grave. his new work is good, but not what you expect. clarity is fantastic and the understanding of physics and energy motion you gain is also worth the price alone, factor in the state of subliminal consciousness and blue aura you emit to women around you this thing is practically a steal.

    I do intend to be burried with this cable, as I'm sure despite the shady, vulgar and down right horrible things I've done in my life, it will allow me to cross the river and pass the gates of heaven without judgement.

    the only down side is that you need to get yourself some clothes made out of natural organic fabrics, or you'll find yourself with burn marks.. they should have written that in the manual.
  • H. Minkoff "the Grape on ebay" - this one worked for meI came back from Mexico with a compromised digestive system. My doctor prescribed one other pro-biotic which I took for a month - no change. She then suggested I get Align. This one seemed to do the trick. I still take it occasionally to keep my flora healthy. I like the Amazon price especially with the subscription pricing. I can adjust when they ship me my next box. Win-win for me and my you know what.
  • Petite Pixie - The saga of Claire and Jamie continues to entertainAs the story continues to unfold through time and travel, the author does not disappoint. There are so many new layers and new story lines the reader just gets carried away, wondering where the next adventure will lead. I highly recommend this series to adventure readers, romance readers and readers looking for a new twist...there is certainly plenty of that! Start at the beginning and read them in order-this is by far the best way to understand all the nuances of the story. Love this series!
  • rebecca m cupples - Bought to treat PCOS SymptomsI have been living with pcos for 3 years, the only thing they could do for me was bcp. which never really helped. My experience with fertilaid is absolutely amazing, i am no longer fatigued, and i have no more migraines or mood swings if you are sick of dealing with pcos symptoms and you think there is no where to turn this could be it! I`m actually going to keep ordering this so i don`t run out =) remember to take 3 times a day everyday. it has been working for me, i actually noticed in little under a week how big of a difference i felt. it also arrived quickly and safely i will never have to turn to bcp again =)
  • Emily Carter - Great price.Cheaper than Microsoft price and works like a charm. Some of the new features of Windows 8 seem to work better if you have a touch screen, but it is absolutely usable with a mouse and keyboard. The new "start button" is a little weird, and doesn't flow well with the desktop, but if you're planning to upgrade, buy it from Amazon! With the Microsoft download you don't get copies of the CDs and it costs more.

    Side note - There are two installation discs inside - 32 bit and 64 bit - make sure you know which one your computer uses before you install. :) (I'm pretty sure most computers these days are 64 bit, but if you have an older computer make sure you double check.)