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  • James Salonia - No need to hire an accountant to do payroll, cheaper to buy here than directly from Intuit.Simple, easy, fast, and cheaper than paying an accountant to do your payroll filings. I've been a satisfied user since 2010. I can always find it cheaper on Amazon rather than automatically renewing through Intuit. Look on Amazon before clicking "update" on your QuickBooks software.
  • brenda1162 - Problems seemed to subside after a couple of uses!My Husband Bought this for me after I told him my Doctor recommended it and I immediately tried it, after all I thought what Have I got to lose except the painful Bloating and gas I get whenever I eat foods(any foods affecting me). So I tried it and within a couple of days of taken it, I noticed a difference right away. Like the product says you will still feel a little bloated and some gas while your body gets used to it But that will subside. I had stomach problems for 4 years and my Nurse Practioner told me nothing was wrong until I had a ultrasound after 4 years of being in pain and found out I had a Moderate to severe problem with a Bowel Obstruction, But she never even recommended anything so I went to a specialist that found out my problems and recommended I take Align and so far it's worked great!! I highly recommend it to anyone with IBS
  • Jedidad - Works For Me Thank Goodness [Update 9-20-13]I didn't buy this from Amazon but am writing a review because Google searches for reviews on this product lead to here.

    I started feeling a significant difference the second day of taking these. I consider myself "borderline" IBS and had been going through a particularly "uncomfortable phase" when I saw ads and reviews on this product.

    After taking Colon Health for the past several weeks I'm normal. Normal. What a nice word. I heartily recommend this product.

    September 17, 2010 update:

    I was feeling so good that I stopped taking these. I just kinda forgot about them. Well, this past week started to feel bad again. Two days ago I started taking them again and now I'm feeling fine. I highly recommend this product.

    September 20, 2013 update:

    I'm wondering if you can get a bad "batch" with these. I've been humming along for several years now just fine, taking one a day as suggested. A month ago my borderline IBS symptoms returned and I suffered for several weeks. I kept taking the capsules with no effect. When that bottle ran out I started a new bottle and one day later started feeling fine. A week later and I'm still fine. So, perhaps the previous bottle was no good.