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  • Anton Phillipe Wolfgang Van Sertima - A word on my design...The radical and revolutionary redesign of the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer was created by Anton Phillipe Wolfgang Van Sertima. I am he. Though classically trained by the finest learned professors at the finest institutions throughout Europe and the Orient, I have attempted to take design, and the confluence of both form and function, in a new and unique direction. My goal was nothing short of perfection. Anything less would have meant failure and would be unacceptable. After 26 agonizing years of what I know see was folly, and 570 pathetic attempts of which I was ashamed, I have succeeded!
    Prospective, past and future purchasers will notice that success was achieved via a two-fold approach; to wit, I have shaped the Hutlzer 571 based on scrutiny of nature's lines and aesthetic. The geometry and fractals found in nature gave me the inspiration I needed here. With the natural universe we occupy as my guide and muse, I have shaped the Hutzler so as to mimic the shape of a banana as found in nature. As well, I have chosen yellow as the color for the Hutzler 571. This decision, too, was based upon my organic approach of using the natural world around us as my north star.
    I believe I have truly earned my place as the world's greatest designer. Though I have thought of myself as such since I was 6 years old when I created a mobile out of string, confetti and uncooked pasta, and which I titled "Manifest Destiny", it is only now that the moniker of world's greatest designer has been established beyond question; it is objective fact.
    The last two and half decades were spent on this design. Though exhausted, I am also excited to begin lending my exemplary talents to something other than a banana slicer. Perhaps ice cube trays are next in line for Anton Phillipe Wolfgang Van Sertima...
  • jamie - Excellent Products!I have suffered from acne from the onset of my puberty onward, and nothing has calmed it down like this product has. I sprung for the products my senior year of high school, and my skin has never looked better! Coming into college, my skin had never been better. When I ran out of the products, however, I figured my skin had become okay enough to survive without them. I WAS SERIOUSLY WRONG. I didn't break out immediately, but as the months progressed my skin looked worse and worse. I tried to substitute the products with drugstore versions, and while I find Cetaphil is a suitable substitution for the cleanser in this kit, the Neutrogena On-spot Acne Treatment made me very oily for some reason (it's supposed to be the same exact product as the one in the kit!!) and most moisturizers didn't help the situation. I find that the moisturizer in this kit is very cooperative with my skin, and it doesn't make me oily in the least. My only stipulation is that I wish the moisturizer had SPF (I am deathly paranoid of skin cancer) but overall my experience with the Regimen has been overwhelmingly positive and I 100% recommend this product.
  • Ron Roth - The "plan" if your interested in taking control of your vocational life.The book is the latest edition of the yearly publication. Read my first copy in 1982 and have purchased the new edition each year since. My library presently contains 10 copies the others having been given to our children, nieces, nephews an friends.
    The book is an easy read as Mr. Bolles is a great communicator. Highly recommend you review the book in your local library first. If you are willing to invest some time in defining your skills, matching those to specific types of satisfaction providing vocations, locating specific employers and succeeding in the job interview this book provides the tools and numerou other resources.
  • R. Garcia - When price is truly no object, audiophiles truly won't objectAll these sarcastic and negative reviews are utterly unfair to Denon. It's obvious that most if not all of these comments are being made by people who have never tried the cable, and who couldn't tell the difference between 8-track and vinyl if their life depended on it anyway. A true connoisseur never skimps on his equipment, and those few of us who truly appreciate end-to-end quality should thank Denon for providing the AKDL1, which is hands down the best high-end digital audio cable available. For those who know what makes great sound, these versatile cables are an invaluable investment which will provide more than a lifetime of flawless service.
    To give you an idea of the quality of these cables, I would like to point out that it's theoretically impossible to improve on the efficiency of connection this cable provides without removing every last atom of imperfection in the copper alloy used for the wiring. In fact, the only practical way to improve the alloy purity would be to eliminate the wiring altogether, and go wireless. Which would incidentally be cheaper, too. Much cheaper.
  • V. Mf Williams - a perfect fit for our breakfast barI was looking for a highchair that would allow our baby to join us for meals at our breakfast bar. Due the to height of the bar, very few would work. This is a less-expensive solution that takes up very little space. And, as an added bonus to us, we take it when we travel. It fits very sturdy on our granite countertop and I love that I can clean it easily, unlike many highchairs I have owned in the past.