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  • NewGirl - Better then ExpectedSo I have been doing this nail thing for 3 yrs now. I have just about every brand out there. So needless to say I have some good plates and So plates so badly done (image won't stamp &/or sharp edges) I also know about a good price to pay for plates. When I first saw these plates I thought the price was a little high. But it comes in a "real" case. Not a paper box stating it was a case but a real leather case with each plate is inside its own sheet protector. The image is so deeply edged in you can feel it completely with just your fingers. I also got the 1st set of Pueen plates (1-25) The plates are not as deeply edges but if you use a higher end or stamping polish you wont even know. I got one in a orange case (my 2nd fav color) and the other one is white. Outside of #34 plate having a really deep and large scratch in it (can't use 2 images) the plates are sweet. The images are great. I'm waiting for the Ankh (an Egyptain Cross) and the Triquetra (a Celtic Trinity Knot) to be the new images on next set of plates to come out. The price is a little high but you are paying for what you get. You get high quality plates and a protective case to hold your plates in. Good buy. There should be a frequent customer discount or lighten up on the price for the next sets.
  • STEPHEN DIEHL - Every doctor should be familiar with this and recommend itFollowing the dietary recommendations in this book gave me my life back. I suffered with ulcerative colitis for over 20 years and was always told that diet would not stop it. I no longer take medications and feel great! My family doctor and gastroenterologist both recommend this book to their patients after witnessing my success. It requires reading the book a few times to really grasp everything, but the book is not too long. In addition, there is support available on the internet to answer questions and concerns. If you suffer with a digestive disorder, this book is for you.
  • Jamipohi - It Does Work!Facial moles run in the family, both me and my brother removed raised dark moles that were in the middle of our forheads thanks to this stuff! Thank God!! My daughter also has a large dark mole in the middle of her cheek, so when she's old enough and decides she wants to remove it because kids are pickin' on her I will definitely be ordering this again! It's a life saver