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  • C. A. Rake - I devoured this bookI thoroughly enjoyed this book (and the entire series). The high ratings are well-deserved.

    The story line is original and powerful. I think in many ways, the appeal of the book comes from the way Hugh Howey plays out the secrets of the silos... much like LOST, except in this case, the ended didn't suck.
  • Barb E. Dahl - Empower yourselfThis book was first written spanish for a the rural mexican people. For that village that was miles away from the nearest doctor or medical facility. In this version it has been written in english. It gives the reader a basic understanding of the human body and the common ailements. Most of the time the treatments are basic, but their is also an entire section on medication and dosages. Now I do not live in a rural village, but I did find it very empowering to read this book. It is definately something that will go into the emergency bag.
  • Lynn Ellingwood "The ESOL Teacher" - Outstanding Story!This is one of the best books I've read through the Amazon Vine program. It is a soft gentle book about the life of a Brahmin woman in Tamil Nadu India from 1896 until her death in 1966. There is historical scope but it is not done in a way that loses the female center of the novel. This is not a book where situation overwhelms and "sweeps" over the individual, it is a tale based on a person's life and larger history happens in the background only affecting the character's life in small ways. At 18, Sivakami, the main character becomes a widow and only ventures outside her home 3 times after her husband's death. In an important change, she was taught to handle her own finances before his death and learns to take care of herself, her children and later her grandchildren in a way that most widows would never have been able to do. She is not a character that stands out for her individuality as much as her adherence to tradition. Sivakami is able to take care of herself and others when others are able to do it. That keeps her alive and her family safe. The prose is not overwhelming in this book or stand out on its own. It calmly tells the story in a way that keeps its focus on the characters. I read it steadily for three days and enjoyed every minute of it. A very, very, very, good book.
  • silvergranny - WONDERFUL PRODUCTThis product is one of the best ideas ever for hot flashes or any other time someone needs to cool down. i have night sweats and daytime hot flashes and it works better than anything else i have tried. if you need to be able to cool down and don't want to use fans or can not turn up the air conditioning, get one of these!!!
  • Bryan Geary - Perfect apartment grillI live on a second floor apartment with a small balcony. We're not allowed to have charcoal and I've seen some complexes starting to ban propane as well, so electric seemed like the way to go.

    First, lots of people have commented on the assembly. It does take a little while, but I didn't find it that difficult. I did see one place where the guiide could have detailed a little better. When you put the wheels on, check first and be sure that you have the side the hubcap will snap into facing out. It doesn't really show you that and I will bet there are plenty of people who just slid the wheel on and then wondered why their hubcap wouldn't click on. But overall, the assembly went pretty smoothly for me. Probably took about 20 minutes or so. I also had assembled a propane grill someone a few weeks prior and that was way worse than this one, so maybe I'm just thinking comparatively!

    Secondly, also saw plenty of comments about it not getting hot. I would say that's probably either you got a bad unit or didn't get the lid/wind shield installed correct. Mine got hot pretty quickly. It was up over 200 within a couple of minutes of turning it on. Note that they do tell you if you are planning on searing, give it at least 15 minutes to get all the way warm. And it is very important to keep the lid closed if you want heat. Electric will dissipate faster than charcoal or gas wth the lid up, so keep the lid down as much as possible. If you like to cook with the lid up, do not go for an electric grill.

    At this point, the grill is pretty new, so I will update this review after I've had a chance to try some different things on it. but for now, hamburgers were the first and they came out really good. No problems with heat or cooking and they also included a pretty decent cooking guide with recommended settings and times for various items.

    I would have no problem recommending this grill for anyone, but especially for others in an apartment complex. One other nice thing, the electric controller should get pulled out after each use and stored inside. That does mean the grill won't operate for someone else so there is some security if you're gone!