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  • Shala Kerrigan - My whole family likes thisCoffee is the first thing in the morning for my whole family. We take it fairly seriously, trying out new local roasts on a regular basis. The rest of my family likes frothy, foamy, fussy coffee more than I do. They also enjoy tea quite a bit.

    The coffee maker has 2 settings, one for cafe latte, and one just to heat and froth milk in the carafe.

    The carafe needs extra care when being handwashed, since we handwash everything anyway, that's not an issue.

    It's a cafe latte machine, which means instead of making espresso, it makes strong coffee. The instructions recommend 6 Tablespoons of ground coffee for 8 ounces of water. It takes small basket type filters.

    Milk in the carafe:
    Best with low fat or non-fat milk or non-dairy milks. Using the 1%, it foamed up quite a bit. Using soy milk, it did even better. The foam was dense and dessert like, and very smooth. Using chocolate soy milk and a bit of cinnamon you can have a hot chocolate that tastes better than instant in the same amount of time.

    Tea lattes are probably what this will be used for most often. 3 bags of tea for 8 ounces of water is what's recommended. Using a good strong black tea and spice is way to make chai like drinks at home, and they taste fantastic. Put the spice in a reusable muslin tea bag with black tea in the coffee basket, and put sugar and low-fat milk in the carafe.

    It won't be used every day by my family because we all drink excessive amounts of coffee, so a couple cups at a time isn't always practical. However, it will be used regularly for hot chocolate and tea.
  • S. Walker "Wicked Walker Reviews" - Perfect tablet for my needsI wanted a bigger ereader than my Nook Color so I decided to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 after tons of research of reading reviews and specifications (I am a nerd like that). The Galaxy Tab 2 has met everything in my expectations! It is smooth to use with bright vivid colors on the screen. I am newish to Android (was an Apple girl until a couple of months ago)but I really love the freedom that Android gives you. The screen on this tablet is plenty big...perfect for reading, games, movies etc. I have zero complaints and it pairs nicely with my new Galaxy S4 phone...they can wfi direct and send files back and forth.
  • David Kaumheimer - We use it as a Preschool educational system. It's great!After looking at all the educational systems for preschoolers I decided that a Kindle Fire HD was the best fit for the price. The other systems that allowed WI FI access only let you on their site to purchase their product. We have been able to download LOTS of educational, fun and entertaining software for my grandson FREE of charge. The parental controls allow his parents to limit the time he uses it and travels with them wherever they go. I am amazed that he already knows his letters, most of the sounds and is able to write several letters at 3 years old.

    We did purchase the child protective cover which is a must for preschoolers.