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  • Denise Thompson - Quick and fairly quiet!I bought the Vue 2700 after I discovered they make a reusable Solofill gold filter. I was a scoffer until we got an earlier model in our break room that a customer returned (I work in a big box store) and they had some expired coffee pods in there too so I gave it a try. A great idea, but I still wasn't going to buy one because the pods were so darn expensive. After further research I settled on the Vue 2700 because of the temp control feature except it doesn't let you have much of a choice in temp, it's a window between 187 degrees and 197 degrees F, both of which are really darn hot. But since I like lattes this is ok, I just make the milk as warm as I like and the coffee's temp diffuses in the cup. I didn't want to use the milk pods in this thing after reading a review stating you had to clean the machine out every time afterwards and, eww, powdered milk. It has a color touch screen with a very easy to follow menu on it, very nice. I got the Capital Products Keurig Milk Frother, a battery-powered hand held wisk that froths up the milk excellently after being preheated in the microwave. I use my favorite coffee in the Solofill Cup V1 Gold Refillable Filter Cup for Keurig V600/V700 Brewers that I bought in Bed Bath and Beyond for 19.99 because here on Amazon it is about 35.00.
    A few people found this noisy. I think it is really quiet when compared to my old coffee pot. It makes a few "mumbles" as the water is percolated through it's mysterious insides but it is not noisy at all. And it really makes a cup in under a minute. A fantastic product.
  • Nunya "nunya__bidness" - Great educational tablet!One of the best things on this tablet is a fun kid's video which teaches the alphabet. My 3 year old daughter watches it all the time and walk around the house singing, "The 'G' goes 'Guh!'". It a powerful thing to watch your child learn while having fun at the same time. She also loves the drawing programs, capturing/editing pics with the onboard cameras and making her own videos. It's a great, creative, teaching tool for any young child. I love it.
  • K G R "K G R" - Frightening, thought-provoking exposeBamford's latest book on the NSA is an extremely dark-expose on the operations of this enigmatic agency. From the agency's technical and bureaucratic problems to the "illegal" wiretapping and eavesdropping on Americans and foreigners, Bamford provides new details on this agency that nobody else would provide. Even street addresses and e-mails of various parties are provided(including bad guys)! You'll come away from this book with a sense of fear, wondering if we are stuck on a path towards losing our civil liberties and privacy, or if the past 10 years were an abherration like the 1960's and 70's. My only criticisms of the book are the nature of the coverage. Bamford appears incredibly focused on the agency's operations regarding Islamic terrorists, with scant coverage of what is going on against adversaries like Russia, China, and France. Bamford definitely wrote this book not just to inform the public, but to get us thinking too.
  • Laney - The perfect regimenI love the "regimen!" I've had mild yet very stubborn acne since I was about 12 years old and have tried so many different things. Most products, like proactiv, worked for a couple of months and then my acne would return. I went on accutane which cleared my skin up for a while but had some pretty bad side affects and my acne eventually came back. I finally found the regimen about 2 years ago and it works wonders. My skin is clear, not dry, and not oily. After I finished my first set of the regimen I figured I could just get drugstore brands of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and a regular moisturizer but it didn't work half as well. It wasn't even that much cheaper to go with the drugstore stuff (which left my skin dry and broken out) so after 2 days I ordered another set of the regimen. I love the simple packaging and how affordable it is, too! The big bottles of the moisturizer and treatment last forever so it's a great investment.
    I highly recommend this regimen to anyone struggling with acne!
  • Student of Life "Cheri" - Lost 7.3# in 7 days!I love this plan. The key for me was in reading the book, planning the week's menus, shopping, and then preparing everything on Sunday so that I was ready for the entire week. I packed up my snacks and meals and labeled everything by Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3. By doing this I was on auto pilot. The surprise was the food is delicious. I had no cravings. The most difficult part was eating all of the food. I lost 7.3 pounds in 7 days. I lost 3 inches of belly fat or inflammation and bloating off of my waist.

    I am someone who has struggled with my weight since I turned 40 (almost 14 years ago). I have fought for every ounce I lose and then my weight jumps up as soon as I stop.

    This plan is different. It repairs your metabolism so that your body will work for you and tap into your fat stores. My daughter and I spent yesterday (Sunday) getting ready for week 2. Everyone at her job is interested in what she gets to eat for lunch. Her boss asked if her she could make an extra serving for him.

    I am so stoked that I am finally losing weight. I am so excited to have found a healthy, successful way to drop this unwanted weight and become healthy. I also downloaded her app ($1.99) that you can use to plan your meals and grocery list and remind you that it's snack time, you haven't drank enough water yet today, etc.

    Someone wrote a review stating that it was a low calorie diet. That is so not true. I have never eaten this much quality, satisfying, food. Again, my biggest problem is eating everything I am supposed to. The recommended activity is logical and doable. I hope to drop 50 pounds following her plan. For the first time I feel like I am going to achieve this goal.