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  • Bernie (29yr old 14yr old) - Works as advertised, unless you don't use common sense!Bought this for $11 at Meijjers on vacation after my more expensive grip kept falling off then eventually broke.

    It comes with an adhesive pad to stick in your dashboard if needed. Otherwise, the suction cup base with an arm you can lock in whatever position you want, works great.

    So far, the pad has held its stickiness, even when left in the cold overnight. Is it too sticky? Common sense should guide you in how you take it off, and if your case is proper for this type of mount.
  • Marisa Moritz - EXCELLENT REFERENCEI have used this pocket reference for years and though it does require some "reading" glasses for small print, I don't mind because the information in it is so good as to the latest guidelines for treatment of so many diseases. I love that it offers medication alternatives for those with drug allergies. It is small and compact and fits in my white coat pocket. I know am giving the proper treatment when I use this guide.
  • abette - phenomenal get the booki read the reviews before buying the book on my iPhone as well as the app. lets start with the amount of food, I eat a lot generally and I can't eat everything on this diet, especially all the protein(6ou of salmon for a Snack plus veggies such as pepper tomato soup and Brussels ???)
    granted I was a caterer and chef so I don't use the recipes other than for ideas but by the time you add water to drink I'm stuffed. in order to not feel so stuffed from meat or fish I'm actually incorporating solely vegetarian meals (green salad with cukes and tomatoes with olive oil, then including wild rice and other allowable stuff.
    the calorie count for me is not low and if I put in as an example steel cut oats and apple in my calorie app I'm above the amount stated in the review that skewers the book :-)
    as for variety I've had salmon lamb chicken crab steak red pepper cabbage red curry sauce Brussels apples pomegranate pineapple strawberry smoothie coconut milk and almonds in my steel cut oats that I prepared with water and vanilla bean added vanilla extract and cinnamon
    all using the unlimited category
    the premise makes sense in the book
    I even like that you don't have to do a maniac amount of exercise
    I've lost 4 in as many days and I've stuffed myself
    example yesterday Thursday phase two I had two bowls of cabbage soup consisting of cabbage and vegetable broth, 6 ou smoked salmon, 4 ou lamb for snack and all of my remaining meals (took boneless leg of lamb and cut all the fat out made as filet mignon and grilled with spices and herbs, )had vegetable medley red peppers
    grilled onions mushrooms over romaine
    book gives you what need I think it makes sense
    you do have to do some planning if you don't cook or don't like to
    since I already make my meals in advance for the week this was easy
    not a crockpot user but don't need to be to be able todo this
    I absolutely recommend
  • Exit Academy - Tastes Great, Less FillingWhen ever I attend non-violent civil disobedient protests, I prefer the authorities attack using Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray, it tastes great and is less filling than other industrial strength sprays, and CERTAINLY doesn't leave the nasty after taste of Mace.
  • Riverboat - Great Book with Interesting ConclusionsThis is an interesting book even for Christians. It attempts to shed light on the real historical Jesus and to try to separate the facts from myth in the Bible. This book may upset some people but should not detract from the Christian beliefs that our religion espouses since all religions rely on faith to carry us through some disputed accounts of Jesus' life. I enjoyed the authors work and agree with most of his conclusions. It is also interesting that there has been controversy with different ways to organize our Christian religion since the time of the twelve Apostles and their disagreement with Paul on the goals of the church.