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  • Hudson Hornet - Good hamster foodFed this to my hamster right before "Bring a pet" day at school. You should've seen the principal's face!
    The only problem is that whenever I leave the hamster in the backyard (it will no longer fit in its cage), it always escapes and I have to follow the trail of smashed cars and splintered trees to find my hamster again. I'm also considering hiring a lawyer to deal with all the lawsuits.

    The hamster also provides a good method of transportation. I haven't ever been stuck in traffic since I started riding him. Everyone gets out of my way. They must have a lot of respect for my ingenuity.

    Overall, it was a good buy.
  • Grateful Girl - BEST DRUG BOOK EVER!!I have used "Drake & Drake" both in nursing and medical transcription since the 1990's. If I could have only ONE drug reference book, THIS WOULD BE IT. It's concise, cross-referenced, very easy to use - it is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Most of the time I have only needed to know the spelling, the cross-reference to brand names, and basically what it's used for. Short & sweet, PERFECT for the "quick lookup," especially when trying to figure out what medicines my patients are on when sometimes all we can think of is the first letter or two. LOVE THIS BOOK!
  • vocelloduo " enthusiast" - Fantastic Fantasy BookVoyager Terrific series by new author, starting with the incredible first book Outlander. She really creates her subjects and her knowledge of Scottish history is impeccable. A must read. At the moment the series has seven books. I'm only on the fourth, but I can't put these books down. A remarkable author and rewarding reads.