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  • Candy L. Griffin - Norton Antivirus 2013I would never be without Norton Antivirus installed on my computer. It has stopped destructive viruses that even my network provider had not stopped and the staff knew nothing about. After calling them about the numerous attacks all stopped by Norton, the providers server finally stopped these attacks, but Norton was there first.
  • Marco A, Flores - the best tablet,i brought this tablet to replace a net book i use and its great, i had some problem to see some not Youtube videos, but for Online navigation and store and manage pictures its just great, also the GPS its the best for the trips..
  • Patrick - Worked pretty wellThis stuff cleared up my skin extremely well after a few weeks. I will still get a zit on rare occasion but I have totally clear skin now and have been using this product religiously twice daily now for almost a year. I noticed that the product become consistently effective after I'd been using it for awhile, maybe a month. My face broke out a little after it cleared up from the product at first, but then it cleared up again and stayed clear. Used properly and religiously it can be highly effective. Make sure to let your face dry a bit from the toner before applying the 3rd step benzoyl cream. I had mild to moderate break outs prior to using this product. Very pleased.
  • G. "G." - Wonderful Read!!!I book is one of the best that I've read. McCarthy's writing is exceptional and highly descriptive, and I was completely captivated by the story, drawn into it entirely. The writing was deep, poetic, and genuine. I found the relationship between the father and the son so touching. There was not too much dialogue, but what was said between the characters had meaning.

    Great read. Can't go wrong.
  • George Waters - Murach Succeeds AgainMike Murach is one of the best technical authors around, and in this comprehensive book on C#, he succeeds again. His book takes the reader on a thorough journey through C# 2012. As a fairly experienced programmer in other languages, I found Murach's approach to strike a very solid balance between providing information and guidance that will get new/inexperienced programmers up and running in C# and keeping the pace and amount of detail that kept my interest and gave me a solid foundation in C#.

    Murach also provides a very easy to use format, with plenty of theory and instruction before each hands-on section. Again, whatever level of proficiency you are at - with programming in general or Microsoft C# specifically - this book will be a handy resource.

    Because of his unblemished track record, whenever I see Murach's name on a book, I take an immediate interest in the book. This volume is no exception.