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  • Gina A. Briganti - We'Moon is an Annual Purchase for Me!I love the We'Moon 2013 calendar and recommend it highly! The information is always accurate and easy to understand. The art and poetry are always wonderful. This is my fourth year in a row purchasing the We'Moon calendar and I'm already looking forward to next year.

    Gina Briganti, author of "Keep it Simple: Permission to Illuminate your Life Easily, Effortlessly & Joyfully."
  • FJMW - Products + Regimen = WorksThese products really do work - at least for me. I've been using them for three months now and they work way better than the prescription topical treatments prescribed by my dermatologist. Things to know: 1) It takes a couple of weeks to really get going. I still had a couple of pimples come in during that period. 2) You need to couple these products with the regimen, it will help. 3) They won't stop every single pimple forever, you might get one from time to time - especially if you don't use the products or follow the regimen. However, I've noticed that if I do get one, they heal faster and better than before. 4) The moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it, but it is the best I've ever used. It's not oily and soaks right in. Just my two cents - I don't normally leave reviews, but I've been dealing with acne for almost 20 years now, so since I've found something that has worked, (at least so far), I figured that other people might benefit from what has worked for me. Good luck!
  • Mark Adornetto - THE book for Job and Career ChangersThis book has been in print for decades for a good reason, it works. I used one of the earlier editions to help me through a career change and it helped me identify the ideal career direction and gave the the information I needed to make that change happen.

    The bottom line is, IMHO, if you are changing careers, changing jobs, or just looking for work, THIS is the book you need to read and use.
  • mrdarsey - Flat-out amazing martial arts movie-perfectly blended!!!this was one of the most bablaced martial arts films that i have ever seen...all the way up to a super climactic end (fighting). The blend is superb: martial arts, uniqueness, mystery, great plot, and a pure thriller. Invariably, a bonified who-done-it! The supporting actor (detective) was superb as well-great storytelling and covering the technicalities of "could this dosal man be a great dragon warrior?" Excellent Excellent Excellent!!
  • L. Krause "LJK13" - Green ThumbI've tried in the past to grow any plants and would not have much luck, I'd forget to water or the sun light was either to much or too little. This product works wonderful. The firts time I seen it my sister was at my sisters house. She had the herb garden growing. The plants were healty and Tasty. There is nothing like having fresh herbs for cooking. After that I just had to have one. It's has taken all the guess work out of gardening. It's easy to maintain and it's nearly self suffecient. There is a light that come on about every two weeks as a reminder to add the fertilizer and water and the rest is taken care of for you. You can get any better than that.