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  • miscellany78 - I adore this machine!UPDATE: 01/11/2013

    For the most part, I stand by my original review. We still use this machine every day and are still happy with it. It has definitely made a positive impact on our finances, as I rarely buy expensive coffee shop lattes anymore.

    Only one complaint - my husband and I have broken the carafe. Twice. We dropped it. You can order replacement carafes online, and we have, but at $25 a pop, ordering a replacement or two does significantly increase the total cost of the machine.

    Is this a downside of the product? Maybe. At first, I figured my husband and I were just clumsy. But I think there are also design flaws that make the carafe easy to drop. The handle is narrow and short and made of a pretty slippery plastic. And you have to hand-wash the carafe every time you use it, so then you're grabbing on to this already slippery little handle with your hands all wet and soapy.

    Still, a pretty minor drawback to what has been a really good purchase overall.


    I love Starbucks, and for years I happily ignored how expensive my latte habit had gotten. I was there once or twice a day. Every day. And my husband was just as bad.

    Reluctantly, I dug my head out of the sand a few weeks ago and did the math. I was horrified to realize that our household was spending over $200 per month on lattes! That's more than our car payment! I had to do something. My first instinct was to run out and buy a $500 espresso machine with all the bells and whistles, assuming that I would only accept subsitute lattes that tasted just like Starbucks.

    But I've got two small kids and a full-time job, and in the end I figured that if this project was to have any success, I'd have to buy the easiest machine - easiest to set up, easiest to use, and easiest to clean. And even though I have a history of pissing money away on lattes with abandon, I was still squeamish about dropping $500 on a machine that I might not even enjoy using. So, several hours of reading internet reviews later, the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte entered my life.

    And it has proven to be a fabulous choice. It's everything I hoped for. It is super fast and easy to use. And at $100, the investment did not break the bank.

    But how are the drinks? An earlier reviewer said that the drinks that come from this machine are more like Cafe Au Lait than Caffe Latte. She was absolutely right. This is not an espresso machine. It produces strong drip coffee and whisks it together with heated milk in a carafe. The result is not a latte, but it does hit all the right notes for someone who likes lattes but is not a snob about it. The drinks are warm and foamy and tasty. It's not the real thing, but it's a good enough substitute for throwing in my travel mug or getting me through a weekend evening at home.

    Other plusses? A double batch makes just enough for me and my husband, unlike a coffee pot where we always end up pouring the leftovers down the drain. The drinks you can make in the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte are also easily customized. We prefer making our lattes with vanilla soymilk, but you can use any kind of milk and any kind of flavored syrup, or switch it up and make hot chocolate or chai tea lattes. The recipe book that comes with the unit even has suggestions for alcoholic coffee drinks. I won't be taking one of those to work any time soon, but I can't wait to try them out as after-dinner-treats next time we have guests.

    I can't really think of too many downsides. As another reviewer mentioned, a permanent filter might have been a nice touch (this machine uses paper filters). It doesn't go in the dishwasher - some people might find handwashing the carafe annoying, though I don't. It only takes a minute, and my dishwasher is too small to fit both the dinner dishes and the coffee carafe, anyway. That's about it.

    Will it replace Starbucks in my life entirely? No. I still love a Starbucks latte. But now I can go once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day. We're saving a ton of money, and time. I'm so glad to have purchased this machine.
  • Calderon00 - Excellent App, but too expensive to buy twice (if you want it on your mobile) UPDATE: NOW working on my mobile as well... ExcellUPDATE: Since writing this review the app now works on my phone as well as in my fire, so I changed my rating from 2 to 5 stars. Must have app for F1 fans, for television viewing or attending races.
    For $26, I expected to be able to use this app both in my kindle fire AND in my phone (LG Optimus Regard), especially when people with Android Tablets will only need to buy it once to use it in both tablet and phone. However, the amazon app store in my phone will not download this app because it is not compatible. I saw the 2012 version of this app on a friend's Iphone while attending the US Grand Prix in Austin, and was very impressed and found it very useful. The app is fabulous with real time race information and 3d renderings of the tracks which you can rotate and spin to view from any angle, and gives you the option of following a specific driver, as well as news. I was about to buy it from my phone through the Google Play Store, but then saw that it was available for the kindle fire. Because I've been an amazon customer for longer than the google play store has existed, I chose to buy it in the amazon app store, and I was looking forward to using my Fire as a companion while watching races on TV at home, and relying on my phone for the times I might not be at home or able to see tv during a race in the upcoming season, especially because my kindle fire hd is a wifi only device and that limits the use of the app to times when I am near a hotspot. I was very disappointed when I saw that if I wanted this great app on my phone I would have to pay another $26 to the google play store. I hope something can be done to give those of us who purchase this fabulous app the option of mobility, which is probably one of the biggest reasons for this app, and especially since it is something Android tablet users already have.
  • Elemental Warp "Elemental Warp" - Over-the-Top Humor, great emotional liftOkay, so some of the suggestions are a little crazy and would never work in the real world. Then again, no one reads Spiderman comic and decides to try to spin spider webs. THis is one of those books that, if you are having a bad day, you can read, get a laugh and feel moderately better. Some of it is actually helpful, should you decide to do it, and some is just plain silly. You'll actually have to use the ol' grey matter to decide which is which. (Don't worry, it won't be that hard.)Read if you: get into Saturday Night Live humor, like woman-power laughs, have ever had one of "those days" and need a good laugh
    Don't read if you: don't get into the ultra-feminism attitude (that's okay, you don't have to), don't enjoy Seinfeld or SNL, etc., want a serious help book (this really isn't serious)
  • frank215 - best decrypterbest decrypter
    i dont know why people gave this program some bad reviews, it worked fine for me. the id an password didnt work at first and i went to chat on bling? they asked for my id an password and said try it now and the program took it. its fast and ez if you stay with the defaults. dont think you're smarter then the designers and go picking an choosing this and unchoosing that. and only use it on dvds that you own. frank
  • Jeffrey M. Kuhlman "future educator" - Extremely fun gamePerhaps my favorite sports app for Kindle I have played so far. One of my favorites parts of the game are the story lines when talking to the different anime/characters. Certainly entertaining and a great way to boost hitting/power/running etc. Learning to hit and the negative skills for not training all the time can be annoying. However, if that game wasn't challenging I don't think it would still be fun to play.