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Terazosin Hcl: Buy Hytrin Terazosin Hcl 1 mg 90 tablets (Generic) $27.00 Terazosin Hcl This medicine is an alpha blocker used to treat high blood pressure and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). - Buy Hytrin Terazosin Hcl 1 mg 90 tablets (Generic) $27.00 Terazosin Hcl This medicine is an alpha blocker used to treat high blood pressure and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).


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  • Janice "Avid Reader" - Excellent ResultsI am an African American female with very coarse, dry, relaxed hair that was severely damaged from using chemicals and heat appliances. I also work out and sweat in my hair. I have used the two step protein treatment twice now (4 weeks apart), following the directions exactly. In between the treatments I followed the recommended regiment for damaged hair, using the Shampoo for Damaged Hair, the two minute reconstructor and the green tea reconsturizer. Because their moisturizer is too light for my hair type, I use it only for 5 min as instructed and then do a deep conditioner (20 min. under a hooded dryer) using my Carol's Daughter product. After only 6 weeks my hair is doing great. My hair has always looked dry and would shed and break easily. Shedding is minimal and it looks and feels soft and shiny. What a difference. I would highly recommend this treatment if your hair is relaxed and damaged. Follow the directions as stated on the bottle for the two step treatment and you'll be very pleased with the results. To prevent the dryness protein treatments can cause, I deep condition with my Carol's Daughter product after each shampoo. I also do a hot oil treatment with olive oil and jojoba oil before I shampoo. Leaving it on for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer. I've cut back on the heat to once a week right after I shampoo. Once I set the curls if I need to touch them up, I use rollers or pin curls. A few weeks ago this would have been impossible to do. Great product.
  • Byjou881 - Try this product!I have suffered from acne ever since I was 10 and am now 31. I have used everything from prescription medication to Proactiv to drug store brands. After seven years of using Proactiv the stuff just stopped working and I was getting those red under the skin pimples that take forever to go away and hurt like crazy. I was getting acne all on my jaw line and chin (thanks hormones!) and was so embarrassed that I didn't want to be out in public. I have very fair skin and every pimple I've gotten seems to leave a scar. I went to a dermatologist but the face wash and treatment was so strong my skin burned and never got better. My problem is that I have dry skin with acne and not oily skin like many people with acne have. I came across the acne.org website and decided to try it, even though I told myself not to get my hopes up because everything else I had tried up to that point hadn't worked. It has only been a week and already I am seeing great results. No new pimples have appeared so far and my skin seems brighter. Since I have dry skin, I have only been using the treatment in the evening but do wash and moisturize my face twice a day with the acne.org products. The only complaint I do have is that my face has been itchy since using these products but I was sort of expecting this and it is slowly getting better. I just ordered the AHA treatment and hope that will help with the flakiness and scarring. I will take itchy but clear skin over painful pimples any day. I do plan on writing an update review in a couple months. Everyone is going to have a different experience but based on mine so far, I would recommend this product.
  • Ineke gronholm - Fantastic product at a reasonable priceThe pet tracker was recommended to me by my agility instructor who has one on all six of her Border collies. We decided to buy it after our Weimaraner took off after a deer and was gone for eight hours in the middle of the winter...temperatures in the teens and a snow storm predicted.
    We have been very happy with the system. We hope to never need it but it gives us peace of mind.
    The tech support people are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, in fact, I just got of the phone with one of the reps who changed the tagg zone for me after our we returned home from our month long vacation in Colorado.
    I would highly recommend this system.... .it even measures the pet's activity level while you are away from home.

  • Michelle Wittkoff - Easiest best upgrade everI've been using Quicken since early 1990s (Quicken 3). I've upgraded periodically over the years, and its always been somewhat difficult. Quicken 98, Quicken 2002, Quicken 2005, Quicken 2007 and now Quicken 2011. This is by far the easiest, and most seamless upgrade. Software was smart enough to bring my settings over, accounts, passwords, you name it. Plus now the quicken file is a single file rather than a hodge podge, much easier to backup etc. Don't see any visible immediate enhancements other than it runs faster, seems more stable, and worth the investment considering the hours I've saved doing our household finances on it. Highly recommend, worth the price. Plus you save $10 from retail store by downloading.
  • ctw00 - Tried them all this works bestI love exposed skin care!! I have tried many different products over the years and have found exposed skin care to work the best. The others were too harsh and didn't give me the results exposed does. I still got acne with the other products but very rarely with exposed. I would recommend giving Exposed a try. I feel much more confident instead of hiding my face because of acne.