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  • K Lee - met the authorThe book is a great start to help you get through a lot of the beginner's problems when it comes to using Civil 3D. After using Civil 3D for 4 years, I finally passed the Autodesk Civil 3D certification. This book is really "essential" when it comes to understanding deeper than the Richard Graham's "Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D" books. But this book again is "essential" but not to the point of becoming "innovative" as this book as a very VERY small and limited discussion or how-to on using parts builder.

    I met Eric at the Autodesk University conferences in the past and I'm glad to hear that he still practices and uses the software daily and his books reflect it. But nothing is better than meeting him in person to get some real inspirational ideas of how to use the software to a different level (or even understanding and using the parts builder).
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Uncle Wulfy, can I play with your iPad?Ooh, a tough question. Even tougher is "Can I have a tablet of my own?". Younger kids (this is designed for early grade school) can be really tough on electronics, and there are places on the Web you don't want them going. This handy little device is the perfect solution. True, it mostly plays games, but that's what they wanna do anyway. It also has a decent camera.

    This does need a little adult supervision to download apps from your home computer, but after that, you can hand off the device to the kids with hardly a worry. It's tough, and Disney safe. It does make learning fun.

    Do get some of those peel off screen protectors and LOTS of batteries. LOTS.
  • Roger A. Bower "Roger Bower" - Statistical Abstract of the United StatesThe Statistical Abstract of the United States allows one to gather data on virtually any subject referencing the United States. Crime, Economy, Housing, Demographics, resources, etc. The on-line version has a statement that this is the last year it will be published. Perhaps that is another blow to the transparency this administration promised, but it is a loss. I have used the abstract for 40 years, it is published every 10 years after census information is available.
  • D. Daniels "Rockem Sockem" - Absolutely Wonderful! I have no complaints.If you don't want to pay Bose money but want a good sound, please don't hesitate to save money and buy this. It really fills the room with great sound. I will say I am not an audiophile, but I played some lower end ones in the store & decided after reading reviews that I would try this. I am more than satisfied. I am assuming the people who rated it low must be extreme audiophiles. I definitely recommend.

    Pro's - somewhat easy to program remote to the sound system. Great Sound, Great Deal For the Money
    Con's - I don't have any.