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  • Green Guy - Magical, and comfortableI had a great day yesterday. And this morning is going pretty well, too. I'm still wearing my Three Wolf Shirt. Is one enough? Seriously, I signed a major, lucrative consulting contract yesterday, while wearing the shirt. The contract was more than three months in the making. Shirt arrived, I put it on, contract approved. They even agreed to pay me more. Seriously. Get this.
  • Dr. Von Uupsdeschpluugin - Best small tablet for the money.....but the Nexus is right there with itBest small tablet for the money, hands down. Great screen. Nice features. Lots of apps. With Amazon Prime, this thing is a total portable entertainment device. Is the iPad, better? In some ways, yes. But I have the iPad and I am not a huge fan, mainly because I am not a fan of any of Apple's OS. I think they make great hardware and just and okay OS. The Android OS in the Kindle Fire is better and for the millions who are Android users, the Fire is a breeze to use. For the dollars, the Kindle Fire wins......but the Google Nexus is virtually neck and neck. Tough to make that choice.
  • Theseus "theseus" - Huge But Not OverwhelmingThe word-on-the-street regarding the NCLEX is that the Kaplan program is the go-to source for test prep. With this, I have to agree.

    As you probably would expect, this is a big book loaded with information. One of its strengths is that you get two complete practice tests. This gives you a chance to pick through one test gradually and then do the second test at a quicker rate.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing about this book is that you can pick and choose the sort of test prep that will work the best for you...
    - If you want to go deeply into a bunch of questions and carefully read the analysis of the answers, that's here.
    - If you want a more casual experience: making yourself comfortable with the format of the test and the sort of things to expect, that's here.
    - If you want to focus on test-taking strategies: learning how the test structures certain types of questions, that's here.

    Worth every penny.