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  • Jeanette - Great pans

    These are great baking pans. I had something to stick badly in the 9 x 13 pan just last night and it came right out. Yes, I did have to soak it some, but then it came out just fine. It was burnt on! I have used the others and they come clean right away also. I don't think anybody could be disappointed with these pans....I just wished there was a 8x8 or a 9x9 included because I need that size...but they are great!!

  • Patsy P. Leach - Alert for those on a protein pump inhibitor for GERD or reflux

    An FYI for those taking a protein pump inhibitor for GERD or reflux. Having taken PPIs for quite a long time, I decided to add a probiotic to my regimine on my own. During a routine follow up with my GI doc, and reviewing my reflux/ digestive issues, she recommended that I do a 3 hour breath analysis to get a reading on potential overgrowth of "bad" bacteria before taking the probiotic. Apparently PPIs, by reducing the acid release in the gut, can allow the bad bacteria to proliferate. Probiotics can't fight abnormally high counts of this bad stuff.
    So, stopped the probiotic, took the breath test......huge overgrowth levels were documented. Now on cipro to treat the overgrowth, will then go back to align.....
    I am not a physician, just a proactive advocate for my own medical management. If you are on a PPI you may want to discuss this issue as a potential problem for yourself. I am so glad I found out.

  • scott dodelson "Music Lover" - A musical and lyrical masterpiece

    Wow! Every time I listen to this it gets better!

    1-Pigs on the wing (part 1): A short yet sweet acoustic song

    2-Dogs: The best song on the album, with great guitar

    3-Pigs (Three different ones): Good lyrics, with weird pig noises

    4-Sheep: Good keyboard intro

    5-Pigs on the wing (part 2): Same as 1, but adds balance to the album

    Go out and buy it if you haven't already! It's as good as The Wall or Dark Side!