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  • Robert E. Peavey "rpeavey24" - YET ANOTHER AMAZING BOOK FROM SAM HARRISJust finished the book. The amazing Sam Harris has yet again provided his unique insight into Morality, Religion, and Science. While this book is less about Religion, it is never too far away from his argument. You do not need Religion to be moral. We can not be afraid to admit that Science can provide a moral compass. We have become a society that allows any possible belief to be valid and worth discussing and worse, we are so afraid to say something is truly wrong or right. Murder not in self defense is always wrong. Molesting children is always wrong, yet we have a Religious sect in America called the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) which was run by Warren Jeffs. We can not call this a Religion when they oppress woman, children, molest and engage in sexual intercourse with Children, often discussed murdering people in the name of God if they did not conform to all of the FLDS rules. We can not allow any group to be wrapped under a Religious blanket and be untouchable. The pure scientific method is always looking to search for the truth even if it is answer we do not want to hear. Science does not torture, kill, intimidate people in order to conform to it's world views. All Religions do that to some degree and of course vary widely with regards to that. We do not need Religion to be can give us moral values as a compass as a baseline. it does not take away from disagreements on many topics and important issues. The thing is we have to move beyond the basic issues of right and wrong, and in Sam's new book we can do that.

    Buy this book today and you will not be disappointed (unless you have a very closed mind and then you will be disappointed).
  • M. Jacobs "mj" - It's so hard to accept...that I've struggled for so longAnd there was such a logical explanation. I'm going to sound like everyone else here for a moment.
    I have been unable to lose weight for years- even while doing strict diets like The Pink Method which allows 800 calories.
    I never give up and I follow diet plans to THE LETTER. of course, my doctor never believes me. sigh.
    So, once again New year's I start a diet. No dairy, no sugar, no meat ( except fish and seafood) , no wheat. Not a budge in the scale. I start the plan and 6 days later, I am down 5.5 pounds. It is mind blowing to me. Of course, I hope the pounds keep melting away and the 40 pounds ( 34.5 now) that I miraculously gained at age 40 are gone in some number of months.
    I even ate out in a restaurant on Day 5 and gained .5 so the next day I re-did day 5 and lost 2 pounds. wow. I am full all the time and FORCE myself to eat all the food. How refreshing! Usually, when trying to lose, I am in a constant state of hunger.
    And I have not moved my body during these days. Today I go to yoga for my first bit of exercise.
    In the meantime, I feel great, I have constant energy, no aches and pains and my bloating is completely gone.
    Thank you, truly.
    Update: 11 pounds gone in 17 days :-)
  • tsorrosa - I broke the vicious cycle, and it worked!I have been suffering from many digestive disorders for the past 10 years and seen dozens of doctors, all of whom only prescribed meds and MRI's but no nutritional advice. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of malnourishment and debilitating symptoms. This book explains the connection between starches and processed sugars and the toxicity generated from bacteria that reproduce uncontrollably, which therefore cause digestive and neurological diseases. It not only helps you understand foods from a molecular level, but it also backs information with clinical studies on carbohydrates and sugars as being the culprit of such diseases. I wish I would have found this book earlier. I have been on this diet for 8 days now, and my symptoms for IBS, stomach pain and discomfort have reduced to barely none a day. I have completely eliminated all sugars and breads, starches, and do not feel malnourished, but rather relieved. Elain Gottshchall's book is a breakthrough in medicine and nutrition!
  • knockknock1 - Saved my Computer!I have never written a review on Amazon, but I felt the need to for this product. In addition to the beautiful Tiffany blue color, this is a great, inexpensive product. Yesterday, I accidentally dropped my laptop from about 5 feet up on a tile floor. This case cracked a little in the corners (understandable though because it was a very intense drop) but my laptop is still in great condition and it did not get one mark on it because of the case. I will be purchasing another case soon since this one is cracked.