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  • MKUltraReader - Mantel Delivers againIf you liked Wolf Hall, you'll definitely like Bring Up The Bodies. This is some of the finest historical fiction I've read in a long time. Mantel delivers with gravity and skill in her measured, balanced prose. I've never been keen on the Boleyn story or the Tudors, largely because of King Henry. Not only was he a bastard, he was an uninteresting bastard, with foibles that I normally find utterly uninteresting, but Hilary Mantel really makes it into a very good story. She manages to make me see why and how people saw things the way that they did, but more importantly than that, she makes me believe it.
  • Brian Harper - Great way to make your TV smart!!!The KDLINKS A100 couldn't perform better. Installing was simple because there really is none. Hook the HDMI cable to your TV plug in the provided power adapter, and your done. I have mine hard wired for greatest connectivity but I am sure the Wi-Fi would work great as well, provided your router and internet speed are up for streaming. All the great apps are available through the play store and firmware updates are provided through the KDLINKS website. I recommend doing the firmware update as soon as you hook this up. The device will go from Android 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 and clean up the interface. Other than that an optional keyboard is nice if you plan on surfing the web and I prefer a tablet look so I added Nova Launcher after setting up but it a personal preference.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for a device to stream web content to get the KD Links A100. You get much more hardware with this over the Android sticks and it comes with a remote.
  • A. Weith - works perfectly.A lot lot lot of people have complaints about Quicken but it does everything I need it to. I don't enter any bill payments into Quicken, I have everything setup online with my bank and download the activity.

    The ctrl-shift while doing on one step update eliminates pesky registration.
  • elisa - I finally feel normalI started feeling like something was wrong with my digestive system in my early 20s and then suffered from pain and gas for about the next 10 years. I tried everything that I could think of; eliminating certain foods, dairy, soy, tried not mixing certain foods, and tried many probiotics and fibers. Some things seemed to help a little, but I would have good weeks and bad. Lately I have realized that I feel normal and haven't had a stomach ache or gas for maybe the past year. I take 1 Align every morning (for about the past 3 years), I mix chia seeds into my yogurt (for the past 6 months), I eat 1/3 cup of All Bran Buds on my yogurt every morning, and I take a green tea pill every morning to reduce water retention. I'm not sure whether it is all of these factors or one of them that helps me, but I'm sticking with them all, just in case. Best of luck to everyone with digestive problems.