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  • R. Lester - Great stroller!We shopped around A LOT for a stroller (mainly considering this one, the britax b-ready, and the citi mini). finally settled on this one and very glad we did. it is a larger (heavier)stroller than the city mini, but it works really well on the bumpy cobble stone and brick sidewalks near where we live and i love the large storage and all the accessories that it comes with (we have used them all!). it turns on a dime, and it's not too wide - i can maneuver it around the small grocery stores and parts of the sidewalk that are narrower where we live. i won't take it in places that are narrow AND up a step as it's too difficult with it being heavy (in contrast to the city mini) but for me that is fine. i had heard from some that it wasn't so great as a double stroller, but since we bought it i have seen TONS of people in my neighborhood using it this way and it looks to function fine this way. so we are very happy with this purchase.
    i'll echo the one complaint of another user: My only complaint:
    The peekaboo window is nice and big, but the holes in the mesh are so big that bugs get through easily! I don't understand why they didn't use finer mesh for this.
    oh well, overall a great stroller. we use it in combo with the snap n' go, which we use when going somewhere in the car (mainly to places with smoother sidewalks). we use the vista around town/when walking. i do think it's kind of annoying to fold up now that we are using the toddler seat(non-car seat) so we just leave it unfolded (luckily it fits in our entry way like this).
  • Mamochka - Wow- couldn't put it downI read this book in two days. I'm so tired of reading formulaic mysteries/thrillers, where I can guess the ending before the author even writes it, but this is not the case with this book! One of the many things that makes "Still Missing" unique is that it is mainly told through the voice of Annie during sessions with her psychiatrist. Annie sees the doctor to try and put her life back together after being abducted and held captive for a year in a cabin in the mountains.. We never meet the psychiatrist; we just hear Annie reciting the horrors of her year as a mountain woman, held prisoner by a man she refers to as "The Freak," being beaten, raped, and otherwise humiliated. Now that Annie has returned to her hometown of Clayton Falls, she still does not feel safe. Is she? Is there something behind her feeling of unease, or is it just a symptom of post-traumatic stress syndrome? Why was Annie abducted? The very unexpected answers to these questions will leave the reader hoping that Chevy Stevens quickly writes another book.
  • Not A Hottie "Trisha" - No more up and down!!!!I had a hysterectomy two years ago and being thrown right into menopause at age 40 was no picnic. The night sweats and waking up in a puddle of sweat was awful! I tried a fan, but I would end up having to wake up to turn it off after the flashes subsided (chills). The Chillow is a gift from Heaven! It is cool when I am hot and then it adjusts to my temperature when I am colder. I cannot sleep without it now. I am addicted to my Chillow. I gave my mom one and she loves hers. My dad also uses it for the "Burning Feet Syndrome" associated with diabetes. I wish this thing would have been out a LONG time ago.
  • Jeanette - Great pansThese are great baking pans. I had something to stick badly in the 9 x 13 pan just last night and it came right out. Yes, I did have to soak it some, but then it came out just fine. It was burnt on! I have used the others and they come clean right away also. I don't think anybody could be disappointed with these pans....I just wished there was a 8x8 or a 9x9 included because I need that size...but they are great!!