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  • George Beahm - The best accounting program for Mac owners running a businessI've used Macs for many years, and in the early years, it was impossible to get a good accounting program for the Mac platform. That's why I bought its sister product, Quicken, through many versions. (Happily, the 2007 version is now compatible with the new Mac OS. Now, they just need to bring its features up to the level of its PC counterpart.)

    While Quicken is very good, it's NOT an accounting program with a chart of accounts, the ability to track inventory, etc. Although it's easy to set up, it's worthwhile to get an accessible book on general accounting to understand its principles, which makes it easier to set up the program correctly.

    For me, the three most useful functions are:

    1. the ability to enter and track inventory (which Quicken doesn't do).
    2. the ability to create invoices (which Quicken doesn't do)
    3. provide detailed, accurate print-outs of income and expenses for my CPA, who gets righteously upset when I turned in summaries using Quicken with vague categories.
    4. the ability to set up an account based on your business--your chart of accounts based on your profession.
    5. It's easy to use, esp. if you're not an accountant. (Like other Mac software, this is for "the rest of us.")

    If you run a micro business (one or two people) or a small business (dozens of people), and you set it up properly and make the entries on a regular basis, it will save you time and money every three months when estimated taxes are due; and you submit paperwork to your accountant for the yearly tax return, you'll be glad you've gotten this program: It works!
  • S. J. House "aquarabbit" - Great solution for a new problem!In my opinion, a fabulous product. After beginning the NuvaRing birth control, I began to get a bit of extra discharge, smell, and sensitivity. Since this was a problem that I had never had before, it was uncomfortable in a general day to day way, and also horribly embarrassing when I was with my husband. I had heard about WaterWorks a while ago and decided to give it a try since I had never like normal cleansing products as they caused me sensitivity and my doctor is (as they all are) against them. I ran this product by her and she gave me the green light. It's helped so much! I use it twice a day in the shower and not only has it helped keep my personal problems under control, but I also feel so fresh and clean afterwards! Not to make too tasteless of a joke, but when I skip this step in my shower, it's like not flossing my teeth when I brush! I never feel quite as clean! It is a sturdy product and very easy to store if you have a shower rack to hang from (which I do). I am extremely pleased that I've found this.
  • Lynn Ellingwood "The ESOL Teacher" - A Look At Boys From a Psychologist's PerspectiveRosalind Wiseman has written a book on girls' psychological make up in the United States and now looks at boys. She interviewed boys from across the US in various economic groups and school settings. She found out some valuable information from them. Why boys are so obsessed with video games, hate parental questioning and attempts to extract information from them, how they deal with girls and bullies, etc. I thought the information was very good and food for thought even though I don't think it is the last word on boys, I think this book is a good start.