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  • HarperSeed - It is not the hunger games, stop comparing it.I really enjoyed this book. Read it almost in one setting (over 24hrs). I have heard it compared to books like enders game, divergent and the hunger games. And I can see what people mean. People that haven't read enders, divergent and hunger games that is. It's like the people that compared twilight and Ann Rice.
    This book has moments of brutality, but if feels a bit removed for me. I never truly felt shocked when one happened.the characters are well written however and that made up for the light handed shocks. That aside, I truly enjoyed it and am definitely moving on the the 2nd book today.
  • TRW - It really works!My doctor told me that my hair loss was stress related. The doctor has given me cortisone shots and told me to use Rogaine. It's only been a couple of months but my hair is coming back. My suggestion to others is don't let these as...holes get to you in the 1st place and you won't lose your hair.
  • dmreview - All women should read this.I read this book when I was considering changing jobs and it helped give me confidence to negotiate the best terms with my new employer, and also gave me confidence that the risk of moving was worth taking. I have managed mixed gender teams in my career to date and have witnessed a stark difference between how men and women approach their career development. This book addresses the reasons why that is the case. What I really loved about Lean In, is that it is less about blaming men and about what more we women, can do for ourselves. It gives the control to us.

    Sheryl is an extremely driven lady, whose willingness to return to (full time) work soon after a baby is worlds apart from the rest of us. Despite this, her advice is all very transferable to any woman who is working in any capacity at all.

    Fantastic read, didn't want it to end.