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  • Reaperonin - Great TabletI bought this tablet, 32g tf201 Grey.

    I have been playing with it for two days and so far have been very pleased with its performance. I have only had one crash, which was caused by an application (TED) crashing while paused.
    There is a disappointingly small library of widgets and wallpapers but for all intensive purposes, this is identical to any new android touch screen device. I have the Moto Atrix, and it is quite similar.

    Also, the Android keyboard is less than user friendly..
  • Babygirl87 - A Great Product!I was rather pleased with the item which I purchased which was the Medical School Requirements Review Book for 2008-2009. The book arrived early and was brand new as stated. I did not have any complications and have nothing but good feelings about my purchase. I will definantly be a continuous customer.
  • Richard Tamasy aka Traumarat57EMT - GEATEST WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND FACTSI purchase this book every year because there hasn't been a day where I have not looked up a reference, whether it is events of the past year a celebrity birthday, trivial information about a country, state or a quick reference to world and U.S. history, it only takes opening this book, and you have your answer. This is a great resource for children studying in school (should be a must have)or if you like to play trivial pursuit,(they should have a World Almanac version whether computer or board game)this book should should be essential in every household, office,or library just as the dictionary, and the encyclopedia is. This book is among the GREATEST WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE you can have
  • Samus - Unexpected results.....Upon reading the multiple awesome reviews on this product, i decided that i would indeed spends my savings to purchase this amazing shirt. When it arrived at the door, my dog went crazy barking and snarling at the door. I was afraid to open it, fearful of what was on the other side. I slowly opened the door, clinching the walmart broom i purchased the day prior for such precarious events. The white sealed package was sitting on my doormat, that was oddly just as clean as the day i bought it. I didnt open the shirt immediately, i threw it in the bag with my workout clothes and headed off to the gym. At lunch time, i walked to the gym for some work out time, and sculpting of muscles. The only shirt i had in my car was the "Three wolves shirt". Upon putting it on, I felt a the surge of power that i had read about so many times. It felt amazing, i ran on level 10 on the treadmill for 30 min. i only got off because i felt a beckoning from the shirt, and the velcro on my shoes had come undone. I was welcomed out side by a rag tag bunch of dogs awaiting my leadership. I never felt so in control. A woman driving down the road noticed my aurora of leadership, ran into a small bus in front of her. i raised to the scene, intending to use my wolve leadership, the wolves on the shirt came to life and saved 3 small children in their fury embrace. 5 passing cars stopped in astonsihment. I realized i was getting more attention than i intended. I called on my pack of dogs to carry me to a safer location so i could take off this shirt of power. Was i chosen by this shirt to be great? did the sales tax i paid for this shirt somehow ascend me to deeper calling? so many questions........
  • Caytay - Great Information!!Love all the great information. I was stuck with about 15 extra pounds that I couldn't budge with methods that had worked like a charm before. It was quite a challenge to get the needed supplies and groceries since we live in a rural area. That being said, my husband and I are both having great success on Our Plan on day 13! The recipes are fairly easy and the food is super delicious. We both feel better than we have in years. We are in control and loving it. I do wish I had a hard copy. Flipping back and forth on the Kindle is a challenge. We will be forever changed by this book. :)