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  • Sarah Vigil Swiger "Author of The Divine Plan" - Essential Tool for An Artist's Tool BoxWhen a friend recommended The Artist's Way to me, I had no idea what it was, but since I trusted the friend, I gave it a try. Now, I recommend it to every writer I know. Cameron's program leads you on a spiritual path of creative abundance.

    The morning pages--three longhand pages done immediately upon waking and not meant to be censored and corrected--were the most helpful because making yourself write and facing the blank page can be the hardest thing for a writer. The Artist Date was uncomfortable at first as I took myself to the symphony, to the theater and to art museums since these events are usually social, but they quickly became cherished times because I didn't need to depend on finding a "date," which often times stopped me from experiencing art. The tasks send you on a path of discovery and acceptance.

    If you're willing to do the work you'll be more prolific in your art. Your block will lift. Your projects will come to fruition. It works.
  • GMS - Price TIPFYI - Walgreen's Drugs sells for $149 and the replacement tips for $25. Much better price. Just purchased yesterday and can't wait to try. A friend of mine 24 years ago was married to a Doctor and told me of the advantages of zapping high intensity heat into a pimple to destroy the bacteria and make it heal. Apparently, it has taken this long for someone to actually put it all together and market it. Good for them! Sounds like it is a good product that is in fact helping most.
  • Mike K - FINALLY the perfect bag!Honestly I had been searching for the perfect bag for months. I came across this bag in early December and read a lot of reviews and videos on it to be sure it was exactly what I wanted.
    The best part about this bag is that not only can it hold my canon 60D body, but multiple, multiple lens, batteries, iPhone, iPhone charger, my 13" laptop and iPad and THEN some. And what tops it off is that it's WATERPROOF. Something I really needed living in New Jersey as it seems to rain spontaneously whenever I have a ton of gear on me (or i need to walk to class).


    -Removable brackets for DSLR and lenses for any configuration
    -Looks great!
    -Very durable material, feels like it will last.
    -Many, Many slots for all your possible needs
    -Waterproof is a lifesaver.
    -Clip on the strap makes it easy to access while on.
    -A side slot that you can reach into WHILE the bag is closed: genius
    -Price. I've always been a fan of "you get what you pay for" and this is def worth the plunge, yes even for a bag


    -No top handle (not a deal breaker, but would be convenient)
    -Shoulder pad could be a bit more cushiony
    -Will not protect everything well on the bottom if dropped. There is no padding on the bottom, but if your smart, this is not an issue.

    After almost a month with this bag I highly recommend it to anyone. I bought the Medium size in Black/Grey. Shipping was fast, as Amazon usually is :)
  • Firedad - Great program with some amazing featuresThis is a great word processor, and is worth getting if you do much typing. It has a lot of really great features that make things easier than some of the free programs that are available. Buying just Word 2013 was a better option for me than buying all of office, since I don't utilize any of the other programs that are included.

    I have to admit that getting it installed was a bit of a hassel. After an hour on the phone with customer support and letting them remote access my computer I learned that there is an issue with having the trial version (that comes with your computer) of Office 2010. It somehow makes you have an error when you try to install. However, that was the only issue, after getting that resolved the program works great and I love the new features that it offers.

    I highly recommend it. 5 Stars!
  • Judith Arnold - Almanac arrived on time and in good condition even though it was left in my snowbank.I live in a county without a bookstore and with a large chain store which can't special order: my Almanac was 10 years old. Yes, I could look things up on the internet, but the Almanac is there, easy to use, and can be read while eating. The price was right, it came on time, and thankfully was water-proof packaged enough to survive the snowbank for several hours. And about anything I want to look up is in there so I am in "Fact" nirvana.