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  • Christopher Martin - Best time killer to be released in a long timeWill Wright did it again; Spore is simply an awesome game to play and experience. For people in the software field with an understanding of how complex the calculations are to render this type of animation, it is amazing to see how smoothly all of the creations come together.

    Pros: Visually stunning, extremely simple interface, mostly intuitive gameplay, helpful tutorial, extremely vast - thousands upon thousands of planets to colonize if you want to (but you don't have to to win)

    Cons: A few Vista bugs (patch was released yesterday with bug fixes, we'll see), controls aren't customizable (that I've found) if you want to change them up a bit, and I guess I'll mention the DRM - but only in passing (this is a game review, not social commentary... keep that in mind, people).
  • Joanna - works for meProactiv worked for me but it has to be used regularly. I use it about once a day, it's actually recommended to be used twice a day!!! I have to admit that I don't always use it regularly and then my acne returns very quickly. I like the fact that most of the products in the kit are not extremely drying, and seem very gentle for acne treatments. If you have used prescription or even other over the counter acne meds in the past then you know how drying with yucky side effects they can have. Everything in the kit except the toner is not too overly drying for me and I have naturally dry skin. I skip the toner all together which seems really harsh. When I have a nasty flare up or get lazy and don't feel like doing the whole process I will use the spot treatment which works really well! I double up on the spot treatment in really bad areas and they usually subside within a few days. One great sample product that came with the kit I ordered from their website was their green tea moisturizer, this moisturizer does not make me break out and goes a long way in helping with the dryness, I just wish that they would include a full size in their system and maybe a smaller size of the toner instead. It's definitely worth trying before considering prescription acne medication.

    UPDATE: I am not thrilled with buying directly from proactive, after the intial discount the price for a one month supply goes way up! On top of that I believe they added me to their montly subscription automatically. I was disappointed. I do think they sell some very good products though. Definitely recommend the face wash, spot treatment/cream, green tea moisturizer, and mask, skip the toner its very harsh.
  • Day Trader - The last printed version of this guide.An essential analytical guide for seasonal commodity trading based on historical precedents. If you trade without it, you do so at your own risk. It is an informative, useful and necessary compliment to any trader's library. Too bad the newer editions are only available as digital downloads.
  • scrappergal "Stef" - My prayers have been answered....BIC.... you have made my dreams come true! Before BIC Cristal For Her, I was having to use my son's crayons to write. After all, other pens are just too darn bulky and the wrong color. When my husband got home from work the other day, he took me shopping. He surprised me with a pack of these pens! They are perfect for me. Slim, pastel, light enough for my delicate grip and smooth enough to not snag my pantyhose. I can finally pee sitting down AND I can use my pretty pens to doodle hearts and rainbows while waiting for my husband and son to finish dinner so I can eat whatever is left after they have filled themselves. You should put a warning on the package though. These are only for females. I heard from Judy down the street that her husband used one to sign a check and the next day he got his period! Thank you BIC. From me and all females..... Thank you.