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  • Claire - Great sewing machine for a great priceAfter my Brother sewing machine was beyond repair, I was in the market for a new machine. I did lots of research and went to local shops that sold sewing machines and after testing Bernina, Singer, Brother etc I decided I wanted a Janome. The DC2012 sews through burlap and denim like butter. It is also gentle enough to sew through silks and light cottons. I love the automatic threader and cutter, the 50 built in stitches, the top loading bobbin, the speed adjustment, and the overall ease of this machine! I learned to sew when I was 18 (I'm only 25 now) so I am still learning new things, and I would recommend this to a beginner as well as a sewing veteran (and anyone in between)!
  • Polly Dupuy - Johnny Cash the ManAlways been a fan since be began and sung "I 'll walk the Line".
    Did not know the depth of his drug problem. He explored it all.
    Loved his music-- saw him in his early years and later years.
    Many times in television.
    Great book!
  • Wulfstan "wulfstan" - Imagine a moat, filled with starving piranha....Then a 20 foot tall razor wire fence.

    Behind the fence are a pack of rabid Dobermans.

    Then, Chuck Norris-with a machine gun.

    Ok, then you can imagine the level of Internet Security you get with Kaspersky.

    I find that the peace of mind you get from having the very best is worth it. And, you get three users worth from this.

    Now, there are always some caveats. We found that if you already have an earlier version of Kaspersky on your computer, it is best to Uninstall that before installing this.

    Easy to use, easy to install (remember what I said above) and not a huge hog of needed computer resources.The 2012 version continues it's well known high level of protection and ease of use. Note that the first update can be a doozy. Set aside some time for it.
  • Ann Marie "Annie" - Loads of fun- will buy for friends and familyI usually never do reviews but I was blown away with the results I had with this test.

    So I bought this test at the constant probing of my sister who was 4 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. When I was 12 weeks, I took the test in the morning, followed all the instructions to a T, and received a nice orange result. We had our ultrasound at 18 weeks, confirming a little girl for us!! SO excited because that was what me and my hubs had wanted since we already have our little boy. Most of all, it was so much fun to take with my hubby staring at the darn thing for 5 minutes (that's how long it takes):)

    Super excited by my experience, my sister took the test when she was 10 weeks and got a boy result! She even took another test called gendermaker, which showed a girl result but I had my money on intelligender. Well, at her 16 week ultrasound- Intelligender was right again! Now she and her hubs are expecting their first born son. Seriously an awesome buy and will be purchasing for my friends and family to put in their baby baskets I make!
  • Laura Lipe - Fantastic stroller! Wouldn't change anythingSuch an amazing stroller! My husband was a little skeptical about spending this much on a stroller, as he calls it the "mercedes of strollers". Once we got it in and used it for the first time, he was a believer. The UPPAbaby is incredibly easy to set up as well as use. We use the bassinet at night in our room for now, and we also have the carseat. All attachments are incredibly easy to change out. We also went on a pretty bumpy walk, and it handled so well. Our baby was able to sleep the whole time even over rugged terrain.
    I did pretty extensive research on strollers and was between the bugaboo, UPPAbaby and the Orbit. I couldn't be happier with my decision.