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  • Jumpy Joey Trampoline Company "Jumpy Joey Tra... - Skywalker 15' Round Trampoline with Enclosure - not an easy assemblyI'm told that my Trampoline Assembly Company prevents many divorces, HA! I think I'm qualified to write a review for this trampoline, considering I've assembled it 25+ times. I run Jumpy Joey Trampoline Company out of the Dallas Fort Worth area, and we specialize in Trampoline Assembly, and a simple Google search will find us.

    Back to the review of this trampoline. I love this trampoline and have recommended it several times, as well as I've been asked to pick this trampoline up for customers from Walmart as well. It's big and heavy duty, and has a ton of pieces. This is not a trampoline that is easy to assemble if you're a beginner, and will most likely take 3-4 hours with a lot of frustration. It's very important that you line up the enclosure loops with the proper spring holes, or you'll be in a world of hurt. It's pretty common some of the metal tubing is bent from shipping (9 out of 10 units I've come across), and a simple crescent wrench can fix the bend. Be sure and tie the straps once the enclosure is put up as well, and you'll have to stand on the trampoline to accomplish this, or use a ladder. If you cannot decide between a circle and a rectangle, then get a square and it's the best of both worlds. More bounce and more space to jump on. It assembles completely different, but I won't go into all of that on this review. The longevity you should expect from this product varies by your demographics. If the item is shaded expect it to last much longer than one that isn't, as the sun is a trampolines worst enemy. You most likely will have to stake this particular trampoline down as it's prone to being picked up by strong winds. If you intend on moving it often for mowing, then just get some sandbags to keep on the legs. The padding on these is average, but the bungees on the padding will eventually give out......luckily you can buy parts separately. Keep in mind that 15' is the size of the frame and not the jumping mat.
    I hope you've found my review helpful and if you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area I'd love to assist you as well.
  • G. Wolff - Gift for my wifeAfter two years, my wife still tells my how much she loves her Kindle Fire. One of the more better tablets out there.
  • David A Richardson - Nice upgradeWindows 8 is a great upgrade for people running Windows XP or Vista. A sluggish PC running Vista will become snappy and responsive with Windows 8. If you are running Windows 7, it will be a slight improvement in performance, but may not be worth it to switch. The start metro screen would be more useful for a touchscreen, so I barely use the metro screen. The desktop with a little tweeking is pretty much all I need. My only complaint about this OS is that they removed gadgets. They had it in the preview releases, but not in the final release. Other than that, it is a great OS!