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  • pawspa - Great product, wont leak with proper care.I love mine very much. All you need to do is care for it right. For those that have any kind of leak issues, the rubber seal needs to be removed each time you clean it and let to dry without water between it and the blade assembly. Also don't use the dishwasher, it ruins the rubber seal just like on a coffee cup. P.S. you do get 3 seals, counting the ones in the lids...One more thing...don't take the cup off the machine and add more stuff then put it back on the base, you won't get a good seal.
  • james - no reason why it shouldnt get 5 starsThis tablet rocks it is lightning fast u can get all firmware updates now and run ice cream sandwich the camera is amazing great pics I'm finding myself using it for everything great product i am in 16 x 80 manufactured home at far end of house and get great wifi signal i do have wndr 3700 n600 net gear router though i didn't buy for GPS so i couldn't tell you i also tether to phone i have also used friends ipad2 it by far runs smoother and graphics r better and he agrees and he paid more money this tablet is the reason apple is comming out with ipad 3 asus has set the new standard
  • linda petersen - fractal time gergg bradenFractal Time by Gregg Braden is absolutely incredible. Gregg explains in scientific terms, the way fractal time works and gives examples of it through climate changes, wars, natural disasters and personal issues. I have listened to this 4 CD set 3 times already and have recommended it to many others.
  • B. Mishler "B.M." - Nerd Nostalgia Taints the GameDiablo 3 has been one of those games that has been labelled as garbage and it's really a shame. I believe there are three main complaints against the game:

    1)Real Money Auction House
    People feel that this breaks the game because others can come in with real money, do half the work, and be ready to take on the mobs in Inferno.

    First off, no. You can have the BEST gear in the game, and still get your butt handed to you in Inferno, even with the recent patches (I've played since day 1). Navigating through mobs in Inferno takes skill, patience, and practice; regardless of gear. Anyone who claims that a person can just spend $X dollars in the RMAH, get to Inferno level, and beat it - hasn't played Inferno. In fact, I believe this is why Blizzard did not put the RMAH in Hardcore. You realize how much money they could of made? Things in Hardcore are worth MUCH more than Softcore - yet greedy, horrible Blizzard left the RMAH out. Why? Because they clearly say that under NO circumstance will you get your character back. Could you IMAGINE the number of morons who would blow hundreds of dollars on HC characters, thinking it would buy them a one-way ticket to dominating Inferno difficulty, then lose their character(money) and FREAK! RMAH being withheld from the Hardcore server was a move where Blizzard chose to not deal with annoyed customers over money - a genuinely greedy company wouldn't of cared, wouldn't of passed out on the cash cow that RMAH HC could be.
    Secondly, being mad that someone who works the 9 to 5 and wants to spend some of their hard earned cash on a few items (or more) to make them feel more powerful in game is just insane. It's THEIR money! "But I worked hard without money to get all of this gear!" Well, good for you! *slow clap* And Jack/Jill works hard to get money that they can spend how they want. Get a job, you'll know what I mean when I say that sometimes you don't have the time to farm (even if you'd like to) but you really want to catch up with your friends that are on Inferno MP-6. For the record, I've never used the RMAH- yet I still respect those that make the choice to use it.

    2)Always Online/Server Error at Launch
    Always online is a feature that many games were forcing long before Diablo (and soon consoles will be forcing it, too). Is it annoying? Sure, but so are taxes on my paycheck. But at the end of the day, no one want's to get ripped off. And while you may not like that you can't play Diablo on your laptop during your wifi absent family vacation, Blizzard doesn't like that pricks out their steal something they worked hard to make. Granted, you have the right to not like the always-online rule, but to DOWNVOTE it is an unfair marker of the games quality - you're essentially saying, "Even if this was the best game ever made, because it forces me to always be online, I recommend you don't buy it." Plus, I don't want to deal with security issues/hackers/bugs to the game, and alway-online is one way to fight against this. Sucks for you, but I am the one playing the game at the end of the day.
    Error at Launch... Ugh, get over it. It was a mistake. It sucked. And I couldn't play Diablo 3 for 12 hours. Am I the ONLY person who is not a game-addict here?! The other sentiment is that, "I paid for it and couldn't play it!" Firstly, read your terms of service that you accept. Secondly, how often has an employer paid you on the hour while you were texting, goofing off, etc? Big deal, we're human. Mistakes happen. It wasn't consistent.

    3)Grinding/It's Just Not the Same
    REALLY?! Does no one remember how much a grind fest Diablo 1/2 could be? Less variety in gear might of meant less grinding, but the expense is less variety! It's a dungeon crawler... Of all the complaints I read/hear about the game, I RARELY see "it wasn't fun", "the characters suck", "the skills suck", etc. Aka, I RARELY see actual negativity towards the key component - general game play. Too me, it's lest of a one-track grind than Diablo 1/2 by FAR due to the increase in A.I. When I'm playing HC on my lv 60-3 at Inferno, I'm always encountering new situations where my heart begins to race as I know the fight is on and my character could bite the dust any moment now.
    Humans have a tendency to look on the past with an exaggerating positive light. This isn't my theory, it's fact. Actually listened to a recent TED talk about. Ever had a ex bf/gf/friend, where you find yourself missing them until a friend or some other circumstance makes you realize, "Wow, it was never as good as I thought it was..." Diablo 1/2 are GREAT. AMAZING! BRILLIANT! I will always hold them near to my heart, as I played them as a child during a time where they brought a lot of stress-relief to my life and allowed me to bond with my cousin of the same age as we played. I will always owe Diablo 1/2 some of my sanity, and I could never betray that game. That being said, when you try and compare the feelings of nostalgia banked by playing D/D2 with the present gameplay of D3, of course Diablo 3 is going to fail- miserably. But anyone who takes an honest assessment of what makes a game a game - gameplay, A.I., story, visuals, depth, etc will see that D3 is a MAJOR improvement. Everyone knows that, hypothetically, if Diablo 3 was the "perfect" game, it still would have failed because it just can't live up to the unrealistic expectations of being a game that is in your heart and has been there for years. It's impossible.

    That being said, I really like the game for the GAME itself.
  • TechDiva - Nothing Less Than Awesome!!I had the priviledge of seeing the play version of this in 1975-6 and it was the most powerful and moving experience. It was wonderful and I can't thank my teacher enough even to this day for taking us girls to see the play. I remember how much this moved me like it was last week.

    Teachers, parents - don't be afraid to have your pre-teens/tweens read this. The concepts are pretty serious, but the conversation you will have with them during and after reading this will be so enriching and educating.

    Read it ... read it ... discuss it!