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  • christian - WOW, Its great!

    For around $10, you cant beat it. Instead of searching for all the free stuff to watch etc. alot of the links are right there, you dont have to search and search, and the links lead you to find other interesting stuff out there on youtube etc. Well worth it for the convience and cheap price, Just like Hulu.

  • Ministerdave - Clear and to the point. Great information and an easy read

    I read this book through without setting it down. It is written clearly, giving the reader a full understanding of today's medical and pharmaceutical empires. It will make you mad, glad and happy that you bought the book. This information is important for everyone to know and have.

  • Eric R. Molicki "BooksBeforeFood" - Actually works!

    I'm a lifelong skeptic of ad claims- especially from TV. But in my systematic approach to attempting to reduce or eliminate my sweating when I speak in public, I took a chance and gave this a try. Three weeks in and multiple public speaking engagements completed, and dang if it doesn't work! Zero sweat stains as I speak even when wearing very light colored clothes that would reveal such sweat immediately. Fantastic product!

  • Caroline - So easy to push!

    This stroller is amazing! It is so easy to push I can push it with one hand. After ordering it from Amazon I put ti together in 20 minutes w/o directions. I have the britax cowmooflage chaperone car seat and tried to attach it to the stroller. I noticed that it was very wobbly. I called britax and they said that I needed an additional attachment and sent it to me for FREE! This is why I continue to do business with this company. They take wonderful care of their customers! Go ahead.... Order it.... You won't be disappointed!

  • Gregory "Gregory" - Had many externalk drives, this one is the best!

    I used two of those drives for my video files. Connected to USB 3.0 it is very fast. On USB 2.0 it is obviously much slower. It is quiet, runs cool and does not have those obnoxious blue light I have on my older drives. I also like the slim form factor. Would strongly recommend to a friend.