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  • - I grew to love itI was not immediately sold on Wen, but with a little playing around to see what worked best for my type of hair, I grew to love it. In fact, I am on my second super size bottle of the lavender. Having fine curly hair, I really needed something to moisturize and volumize, and this product works for me. I do not use as much as the bottle says to use, nor do I "wash" twice. I simply make sure my hair is soaked, then I slather a good handful or 2 all over, massaging scalp, and all the way to the ends, then add a little more water, use a wide tooth comb to comb thru and leave it while finishing the shower, then I rinse my head last. Before I get out, I put a little pump full into my wet hair as a leave in.
    I also am hooked on Deva curl products, so I may vary this routine by using the Deva One conditioner instead or before the Wen, if I am really dry. Also I use the Deva gel which combined with Wen really gives me full and defined curls! After using Wen for months now, my hair looks healthier, it is not breaking hardly at all! Granted, I am not combing it either except during said shower. If you have baby fine curls I think you might like this, as I do. It smells great, no animal testing, and even though it is a bit pricey, it seems to last. I truly love it.
  • Ray D. Ator - Another reason to buy everything at Amazon!I live in Bellevue WA and I am building a fusion power plant in my basement using cast off parts from the now scuttled nuclear reactor in Hanford WA and my mother's old Volvo 544. I am *not* a physicist by traditional training (you know, the old BS route most people take through the universities) but instead my background in nuclear physics comes from reading wikipedia articles, watching youtube videos, and reading the book "The Dummy's Guide to Building Your Own Fusion Reactor" that I bought off of I've also played the "Fusion Reactor" game on XBOX 360 and so I am familiar with the controls.

    The main issue was finding the nuclear fuel needed to start the fusion process. The damn US government will not sell me any radioactive components since I voted against Obama in the last election. I was just about to blame Obamacare for ruining my chances of having a fusion reactor in my home when I ran across this item at Amazon. Voila! The perfect solution.

    So I need 16 megatons of uranium ore to get the reaction started. Now you're probably thinking "Holy sheep! How is he ever going to pay the shipping charges on 1,456,000,000,000 cans of this stuff? He'll go broke!"

    But that's the beauty of being a PRIME member at Amazon. Shipping is FREE for PRIME members and Mr. Bezos picks up the shipping tab. Boo-yah!

    I'm also going to claim the 16 megatons of uranium ore as a "nuclear medicine treatment" for my hemorrhoids and so Obamacare will pay for the rest of the purchase as they think it's a medical necessity. Double Boo-yah!
  • Lilac Lily - There is a CureWith "Healing Psoriasis" Dr. Pagano has created a book of hope for any sufferer of this disfiguring disease. The medical community isn't interested in finding a cure, and insists that, in fact, there is no cure at all for Psoriasis. Their only solution, is to prescribe creams that treat the problem topically, but mostly without lasting results.

    Here is where Pagano comes in. He offers a drug-free alternative. And it makes perfect sense (to me at least). In his book he describes a treatment plan for Psoriasis, that he has come up with after researching, and healing the disease for over 40 years.

    This isn't one of those books that promises an easy cure. If you want to get rid of Psoriasis, you have to make some drastic lifestyle changes. One of the key elements in this treatment is diet. You will have to avoid a lot of your favorites. Only then can your body heal from the inside out.

    The author is very good at breaking down all of the required steps, into small and manageable ones. I found the appendix very helpful, where Pagano goes over all the allowed and forbidden foods, and gives you some very handy lists for easy reference.

    The book includes a lot of before-and-after pictures of Dr. Pagano's psoriasis patients. And seeing their results is very encouraging and helps you to believe in the effectiveness of the treatment plan. The only thing I found disappointing is that in this updated book edition the pictures are only black and white. In the 1st book edition all the pictures were in color and covered a whole page. That just made more of an impression on me.

    But the inclusion of recipes in this edition made up for all that. I was kind of at a loss after reading the original book, because I had no clue of what to eat. So I was glad to discover that the updated version included actual recipes.

    Overall, a helpful and easy to understand book which I couldn't recommend more!
  • Teen Reads - A terrifying and vivid first adventure of a new trilogyDIVERGENT meets MATCHED and THE HUNGER GAMES in this taut dystopian thriller. Valencia "Cia" Vale is disappointed at her graduation day when she is not chosen for The Testing to get into University, but then again, no one from her colony has been chosen in 10 years. The following day, she and three other teens are summoned to the leader's house to discover that they have, in fact, been chosen. She has one night to pack and say goodbye to her family, possibly forever. After candidates pass the Testing, they are matched to careers and sent anywhere the leaders deem appropriate.

    Cia is from Five Lakes, a colony trying to rebuild after the Seven Stages War. It was formerly known as the Great Lakes Region. Her father and brothers have talent for plant growth in difficult conditions, and her father went through Testing. But what he tells her before he leaves chills her. He talks about nightmares of survival and terrible things happening to people he knew. As memory is wiped after the Testing, he is not certain what is truth or mind tricks, but he tells her to trust no one. Instead of wearing fancy clothes to go to Tosu City as many other students do, she packs survival clothes and gear so she can be ready for anything.

    She has to trust someone, and so she confides in Tomas, also from Five Lakes, after she discovers cameras all around on the trip to Tosu City. The leader taking them to the Testing, Michal, seems to like her and want to help her, but she can't be sure. When they arrive, she fears her new roommate is trying to poison her, but after an argument, something terrible happens to the girl. Cia does not know who to believe about what happened. More of her new friends and other candidates meet terrible ends, and Cia uses all her wits to try and pass each test. She and Tomas begin storing food and readying themselves for the last and ultimate test. They find themselves alone together more often and begin falling for each other.

    The final stage finds the remaining teens dropped alone in the wilderness. They must make their way back with no map or help. In fact, many dangerous beasts and plants exist in the terrain. Some are feral beasts that are half human. Some of the choices Cia is forced to make when attacked haunt her.

    Readers will recognize Chicago and St. Louis in their post war state as she and Tomas pass through. Through the difficult conditions, it is obvious that others are trying to kill them to increase their own chances of being chosen for University. The bond between her and Tomas grows and Cia believe she is falling in love, but she begins to doubt him after she returns from an expedition to find him secretive. She begins to fear what will happen if they both do not survive and also what will happen if they do.

    Terrifying and vivid, the Testing process will keep readers in thrall. Nothing goes as expected in this exciting first adventure of a new trilogy.

    Reviewed by Amy Alessio