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  • Civeta Dei - Pink Floyd is THE greatest band.I have heard great, and I mean great, music. Led Zeppelin is considered to be the greatest band. I disagree. They are ONE of the greatest bands, or come in a very close second. Pink Floyd is the greatest band. I know several people will disagree with me, but that's okay. I am just stating my musical opinion. This album is great.

    I grew up listening to my dad's Dark Side of the Moon. When I was younger, I couldn't appreciate the music that I now know is some of the greates music in existence. I was finally able to acquire this album after listening to the vinyl version, which is unbelievable. I have to say, I love this album. I listen to it all the time, while I'm cooking or doing homework. It's incredibly soothing. It's the beginnings of progressive rock that this band started. The style of music is incredible, not always favored by everyone. Some may call it an 'acquired taste'. From songs like Young Lust to Comfortably Numb, never does it get old. With lyrics that sometimes seem to make no sense, they are filled with deep symbolism. Though this is only my musical opinion, I urge you to stop listening to all the crap played today, such as Yellowcard and Kanye West, and please don't be like all the kids in my school. This is not to say there isn't good music in the present, but branch out from the pop and rap fad, it will only lead to bad and worse music.
  • No Name - HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!I thought the reviews were exaggerating because if it was THAT good, everybody would use it. I am not normally an excessive sweater, but I am on a medication that causes annoying nightsweats. I was mostly hoping though, that I could basically stop needing to wash my button downs and nice blouses every time I wear them.

    I received the product quickly and immediately got a follow-up email from the company asking me to call or email them if the product wasn't working so that they could assist me.

    I put it on last night when I was cool and unsweaty, an hour before bed, after showering. I just patted the towelette on until the area was very wet, folded it back up and put it in the foil inside a ziploc bag (to try to squeeze out another use) and let it dry without putting any fabrics over it (if you put on a T-shirt or something while it's drying, you can wipe it off). It was a bit itchy until I went to sleep, but not even as bad as a wool sweater. Last night was one of the worst nights I'd had yet in terms of night sweats. The areas I had not applied sweatblock to were soaked and I actually had to change pants, twice due to sweat. By contrast, my armpits were 100% dry. Not a drop of sweat. I couldn't believe it.

    I've been sitting in bed all morning relaxing with my arms pressed to my sides and still no sweat, when normally this is about the smelliest "activity" I do. I went and worked out and STILL NO SWEAT. This product is AMAZING. Why does everyone not use it? I have no use for the many deodorants I've tried anymore, this is IT. Since applying this there has not been one drop of sweat that has come out of my armpits. Not one.

    TRY IT.