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  • M. Venverloh "Avid Reader" - ABSOLUTE BEST MAKEUP IN THE MARKETI have been using Bare Escentuals for about 4 years now and continue to get compliments on my beautiful skin. I did not always have great skin! But once I switched to this make-up line, my skin instantly, dramatically improved. My skin is so much healthier and really glows with this make-up. You can't feel it at all, it lasts ALL DAY, and doesn't rub off on clothes! The coverage is fantastic and it only takes a few minutes to apply everything. I especially recomend the foundation, mineral veil, bisque, eyeshadows, blushes and all-over face colors. You can also use a lot of these as lipstick, which is great b/c it takes forever to get through a jar of blush! :) Go ahead, try it - you'll be HOOKED! =) B.E. I love you!
  • SHERRIE "Reddwhine" - I guess I'm one of the lucky ones...because I've have had very few problems with my Transformer Prime.

    I originally ordered it in early December thru Amazon and was one of the those poor people who's order was cancelled. The whole preorder thing was a fiasco, not only with Amazon but with several other places that had to cancel orders. I put that on Asus, not on Amazon. I was able to place an order with BB that arrived after a lot of confusion and frustration (talked to 4 different CSRs and got 4 different answers) along with the dock (ordered from NewEgg) and received both on December 29. I have been following all the problems that others have had with the Prime and so wanted to wait to review it until I had upgraded with ICS and had confirmed that the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth were all functioning properly as well as making sure there weren't any other fundamental problems. I have to admit that before the ICS update and another later firmware update, things were a little dicey, especially with the GPS and the fact that I couldn't get my Bluetooth headset to pair with the Prime, but since then the Prime has worked perfectly. I don't really care about the GPS, I have good cell phone GPS and also navigation in my car so it is basically redundant to have GPS on the tablet. I suppose it's the principal of the thing though and I can say that I do get satellites, even indoors and they do lock. I compared the Prime GPS with my smart phone and there was very little difference in connectivity.

    My biggest complaint is that about 3 days after I received it, I got a scratch on the back cover which was really upsetting...the brushed aluminum is so pretty! It is easily marred so you need to be careful. I have purchased a skin that protects it and also store it in a neoprene case. Lesson learned. The dock really does enhance the Prime experience. I like that it locks very securely with the tablet. Not only does it increase battery use but it has virtually replaced my laptop. The keyboard was a little hard to get used to because of the smaller size and I ended up disabling the touch pad because my sleeve would hit it and send the cursor all over the place. No big loss as I hate all touch pads anyway and I was happy to find a way to get rid of it.

    The only other issue I had with the Prime was the wall charger. The first few times I used it it got exceedingly hot and although I'm not a techie, this doesn't seem like a good thing. I did some investigating and one of the suggestions was that you put it in a plastic bag and then put it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so. Hmmmm, OK it seemed like kind of stupid way to fix it but I tried it anyway. Well apparently it worked because I haven't had any over-heating problems with it since. Who knew.

    This was my first tablet and so I went back and forth between the Prime and a iPad. I'm just not one of those "Apple love" people and feel like Apple products are over rated and over priced. I have a iPod Touch 4Gen that I like very much but hate the paranoid way that Apple and iTunes are so restrictive so I really didn't want to get into that with the iPad. I'm glad I opted for the Prime. I got 2x the storage for the same price and I like that I can use SD and Micro SD cards for additional storage. Also like the USB connection so that I can use a mouse. I like the Android OS. I have it on my phone and it is really intuitive and easy to use...same with ICS on the Prime. There are plenty of apps available.

    The Prime has exceeded my expectations. I love it and use it constantly. I'm very glad I invested the money.
  • Sam L. - A must have!One goal of mine this year was to become professionally certified in AutoCAD. I registered for the tests and purchased the AutoCAD 2012 Bible as my study guide. I am happy to say that I have passed both AutoCAD 2011 and 2012 associate and professional exams, in fact I did very well.

    The AutoCAD Bible is a great book and resource on all things AutoCAD. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to master their skills in AutoCAD. If you are a beginner or an expert, there is something in there for everyone
  • ginnyh - Total Transformation is your safe harbor in the storm.If you are struggling with the frustration of dealing with defiant behaviour from your child, you have come to the right place. The entire Total Transformation team will guide you through the process of relearning how to parent so that you have peace in your household. The program itself is very easy to use and effective from the first CD, and the staff of counselors in the help center are genuinely caring and supportive. The small investment for tools that my family can use from now on was well worth it. I whole heartedly endorse this program.