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  • okiedan - Great Glare Protection...Plus Privacy if you need it!I recently moved my home office into another room. I ordered two of these hoods. One for my 27 inch iMac and one for my 27 inch Thunderbolt display. As you can see from my previous review on this item I have usually had them customize the hood. This time with the new location I needed the hoods to be full size. They really do help with the glare from room lights and other displays.

    (OLD Review)
    I have been buying hoods from Photodon for many years. They make the hoods in shop. They are constructed out of a heavy board of some kind. They go together easily and provide you with great anti glare properties. They make many different varieties. I would suggest that you look at the dimensions of the hood and decide if you would like it a little smaller. I for one have them cut down this standard hood to around 6 inches. This provides me with great anti glare and privacy without having something stick out so far from the monitor. You can also get these for your computer. I use this on my 27 inch apple cinema and my 27 inch iMac. On the iMac they cutout the location for the disk drive.

    They are a good company that provides a great product.

    I have not looked at their website recently but would say that the older style that I reviewed way back when would not work on the latest gen iMac.

    Maybe they have a newer one.
  • Helen McMonagle - Love this!I'm a sucker for the info commercials and have been fooled into buying into 'cream schemes', with doctors and melons and stuff, that rob your bank account on a monthly basis and don't work. After watching this on TV for a while and going through the reviews, I decided to give it a go. It was a 30 day trial, so I had nothing to lose. If it didn't work or I had any problems, I'd just send it back.

    I've had it for about 6 weeks now and I'm loving it. Noticeable differences: the skin around my eyes feels smooth and lines are disappearing. After one session, my neck is smooth. I'm still tackling the smile lines, but definitely seeing a difference.

    When I got it, I was using it every night, but now it's 2 or maybe 3 nights a week. I spend about 30 mins in total, while I'm watching TV.

    Problems that I'm noticing from other reviewers:

    -It's not holding a charge. I've never had this happen to me and if it did, I would just send it back. I'm a terrible one for not reading instruction manuals, and just noticing that you're not supposed to put it back into the unit while it's still hot, not leave it charging while not in use, etc. I had been dong all of the above and leaving it charging for days on end, so have stopped doing that and just switching it on whenever I'm going to use it to prolong the battery life.

    -The results are only temporary: aren't all results just temporary, including Botox? If I can achieve these temporary results with this, then it's well worth sitting for 30 mins a few times a week.

    I think it's just helping to keep the face toned. It's like every other area of our body, we keep on exercising to stay toned. I wouldn't call it exercising right enough, but determined to keep it up because the results have been well worth it!
  • C. Panh - best donnie yen movie so farThis movie was not playing anywhere nearby and the only option was to watch it on Amazon, which was a big surprise to me. I had no idea that Amazon would have this available.

    Excited as i was to watch this film online, the detective style story telling was intriguing and kept my short attention span glued. As if the fight scenes weren't enough, the story and delivery of the plot was great.
  • Linda Alldredge "Curious Creature" - Great Plates! Dimensions are 1.8cm high and 1.4cm wide. No need to double stamp my thumb!!!No need to double stamp my thumb! Be sure to measure your nail beds before ordering. This will fit most. I do exhaustive research before ordering and these plates rate very high in overall usefulness. The patterns stamp clean and there are a variety of patterns ranging from light hearted to elegant. Stamping takes practice. Just scrape lighter on the images with more flooded areas to prevent scraping too much polish from the image. Enjoy.
  • Michael H. - Decent update to a good classic gameStill prefer the classic game, but wanted to check this one out, and for less than $10 why not?
    We chose to use only 1 of the die, not 2. Still undecided on the bonus cards for the game on the flip side of the board, definitely make the game different. Still provides tons of fun and entertainment like the classic!