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  • Avid Reader "Avid Reader" - Refraction a novel by Jan DynesWow, what a great read. I literally could not put it down. This is a story that keeps you jumping, caring and guessing at every turn. I had an advance copy from the publisher, the book actually comes out in a few weeks. I think every romantic soul who also loves a great thriller ought to read Refraction. The characters are finely crafted and the plot is complex and extremely entertaining. The author is a master story-teller who keeps the tension going but also gives the characters hearts and motivations that we can empathize with.
  • Sasha - BEST nasal aspirator invented yet!I discovered this nasal aspirator from my doctor who uses it in his office for small babies. After watching how effective it was, I bought one! I am so glad I bought this, it has helped lessen the amount of possible nasal and bronchial infections my children could've gotten if I had not invested in this thing. They catch colds from school and each other and both of them are not very good at blowing their noses even though they try. All I do is spray a little saline into their noses and then vac. Don't be deterred by seeing their snots in the tube, it's a little gross at first but it's actually very helpful to see the color of their snots. It helps you determine if they are getting a sinus infection. It works so very well and easy to clean!
  • sandrajean68 - LOVE this product!!I have been taking this for only 2 weeks and already feel clothes getting lose and it really cured the cravings of comfort foods in the winter. My energy is coming back also. I take it along with the green coffee bean and also Carb Intercept. I also go to the gym 3-4 times a week. For those who say it doesn't work...there is no "magic" pill....its a combination of the right supplements, low carb diet and exercise. This is a great addition to my weight loss journey...its not the "fix" but it is an awesome product that helps!
  • Librarian - It's a Great ProductI have been using this product for more than five years now and I have to agree with the reviewer (Richard K. Tate "U2 Fan") that the follicle booster doesn't grow new hair but will prevent hair loss. You should make a point to use it with the nioxin cleanser and scalp therapy for the best results. Additionally, use the follicle booster at least once a day if you want to see results. I believe that if women were to use this product the right way we would see less balding over time(especially in the crown area.) My hair is absolutely thicker from my use. I refuse to use any other product. Although the Nioxin products are costly, they do deliver. Use these products the right way and over time you will hold on to your hair.