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  • Rachel - Worth reading over and over!What an incredible book! I tend to devour books; I can go through one or two a day. Rarely have I read a book that I immediately wanted to reread. This book was full of spiritual insight, had plenty of historical detail, and was also really excellent fiction. I don't find that combination often! It really helped change my perspective on a few things and has actually helped both my marriage and my relationship with God. Plus I thoroughly enjoyed the book!!

    The time period was fascinating; I haven't read many books set in this part of history, and the author described it with such detail (while somehow avoiding seeming tedious) I felt like I was actually there! I don't know if I have ever fallen in love with characters the way I did with Sarah and Darius. Sarah was just so beautifully normal, so incredibly relatable, so flawed and yet so likeable. Even now, I almost think of her as a fond friend. Darius was - sigh, such a hearthrob! I almost fell in love with him right along with Sarah! Their dialogue and chemistry was wonderfully written.

    And oh, the spiritual truths buried in this book! I feel like it has permanently changed my life! For one thing, the author illustrates so beautifully and poignantly how our true worth is not in what we look like or what we do, how smart or brilliant we are, or any of the other things we try to turn to to find our value, it's completely in how we are loved and treasured by God. She also pointed out something I had never heard before - that in Scripture, David's "why?" of God was different than our typical "why?" (I'll let you read it to find out the specifics) This was sooo convicting and has settled my relationship with God in a lot of ways - I was letting my questions make me doubt his goodness. Her depiction of us as the vine and God as the vinedresser was the best I've ever heard, probably because she told it from the point of view of an actual gardener - I feel like I grasp this illustration so much better now. And lastly, it might be a little shallow, but I have really struggled with the idea of beauty - what is our culture's idea of beauty, what is God's idea of beauty, and what the truth actually is. Through Sarah's experiences, I feel like I understand it so much better in a way I haven't before!

    I can't wait for Tessa's next book! Already pre-ordered!
  • ethomas1988 - A miracleNothing worked for me-not "clinical" antiperspirants in the drug store or prescription ones from my doctor. I thought that I would be wearing black shirts and jackets for the rest of my life. However, this wonderful product caught my attention and I have never looked back. It truly has changed my life! I can confidentially wear whatever I want now-including casual t-shirts and light colors. I never thought this would ever be possible. I can't imagine ever stopping using this product.
  • Kim Hicks - Hope filled. Triumphant. Full of dignity in the face of insurmountable evil.As a mother, Elizabeth's abduction filled me with heartsick sadness. Her return filled me with relief and joy. To read her own account of the ordeal was difficult but her triumphant hope encourages me that nothing is ever truly insurmountable. I very much appreciate her for telling her story and respect her for the dignity she goes forth with. I'm a better person for having read it.