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  • Jarrod C. Turner - Score More Points With Cracking...Having had to retake the ACT after 18 years, needless to say I needed help. Bought three books: Cracking the ACT Princeton 2003 edition, The ACT for Dummies, and The Real ACT Prep Guide. Went through all of these books. The one that worked best for me was Cracking. It gave practical advise on how to improve my scores. Tactics were what it was all about. Although knowing math equations may be needed by some people in the future, for me it was getting a higher score. This book did the trick. The other two books helped as well. Ranked in order of importance: 1. Cracking 2. ACT for Dummies 3. The Real ACT. The last one has three practice tests. So if you want to practice taking the test I recommend it. DO NOT READ THE PREP PART OF THIS BOOK!!! It is not a helpful study guide. The ACT for Dummies was pretty good about giving some hard material that you need to know. But I preferred to use the tactics provided by Cracking.

    All in all, if you are going to buy one book to prepare for the ACT, get this one. But you have to know your own mind and how it works. Did not use some of the suggestions put forth by this book (especially in the science area). For me I needed to read the science passages to understand how to answer the questions (scored 27 on this section).

    Outcome: Scored a 20 cumulative when I was 17. Scored a 26 cumulative at age 35.
  • lainibug - great tablet for kidsI've been thoroughly impressed with our Leappad 2. My son had no trouble at all learning to use the tablet even a couple of months after his 3rd birthday, although most of the games are designed for children 4 and up. I thought he might not like a tablet for kids, since he's been allowed to borrow Kindles and iPads, but it's proved to be very entertaining. The games and ebooks we've tried are fun but with a pretty strong educational component. I'm a huge advocate of limiting "screen time" for kids, but the learning and interactive aspects of the games make me feel good about letting him use these games in appropriate doses. Although he's a pretty careful guy, he is three and so far the Leappad has withstood the normal wear and tear with flying colors.

    The only drawback I see is the price of additional games, but they do seem to be pretty high quality, with enough content to be interesting for quite awhile.

    I did receive our Leappad 2 free as a part of the Vine program in order to review a specific game. However, I did not have to write this review of the Leappad itself, and the opinions are all mine.