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  • C. Chiu "Palm worker" - Highly recommended productI don't have back problems myself, but I got this book as a recommendation from a relative. As a family physician, I know that I am at risk for back problems due to posture. I have also treated more than my fair share of people with chronic back problems. This book provides a good foundation for addressing back issues. It is full of good pictures and has very clear instructions for exercises. It's a great start for people who are just starting with back problems or who have had back issues for years--and even those who have had back surgery.
  • MJ - WOW!!!!WOW! Let me give you a brief history first. I have PCOS and never had a regular cycle. I would get my period for a few months straight and then it stops again for some months; in the past 4 years it stopped all together. No period=No Ovulation=No baby. We tried clomid and IUI=Fail. Eventually we did IVF and got pregnant, then no period again. Long story short, after a few losses due to other reasons I decided to take a break and focus on getting healthy. I found Fertilaid and purchased it with the intention of just using it to get my period, after the first bottle I felt sick, left work, came home, took a test, and PREGNANT!!!! After that pregnancy, I got back on fertilaid again, it regulated my period and I just found out I am pregnant this morning. Now, we don't have male issues as fer as fertility is concerned but I order the men's fertilaid for my husband too.

    I had a friend that was diagnosed with PCOS also just a couple of months back and I told her to try fertilaid to regulate her cycle before going to Rx drugs she did and she also has great results.

    The website says it can take up to three months to work, for me and for my friend, it took just one bottle. Good luck!
  • Brian Clary - Great External HD!I bought this hard drive for two reasons, one was to back up my macbook pro in case I were to lose it or break it and two was to store digit copies of movies. To do this I first partitioned the drive using my mac's disk utility application (pretty easy to figure out). Then I set up time machine to handle the backing up process instead of using the software that comes with the HD. I then loaded on the digital copies of movies that I have collected and placed them on the other partition. Placing movies on an external HD allows you to easily watch them on other devises then your computer, such as plugging the HD into an xbox 360.

    After a few weeks of use I have switch now to only plugging the HD in on Sundays to create a back up since I do not alter too many files throughout the week and would rather not have to eject the drive every time I want to move my macbook. Also, your mac will remind you if 10 days go by without plugging it in so that's nice.
  • Whitney - Best Dating Advice I've Gotten In Years!I saw Matthew Hussey on the recent show "Ready For Love" and my first thought on seeing a male matchmaker was that he must be some kind of pickup artist... About a minute after actually seeing him on screen I was stunned by the things he was saying- how insightful he was, the quality of advice he was giving the girls, ways to think of relationships I hadn't thought of before...

    I got the sample of the book, mowed through it, then bought the actual copy and began watching the videos that go along with it. Matthew Hussey is simply brilliant! I can't say I've had a lot of luck dating before reading this, but since staring it a few days ago I already find myself having more conversations with men and thinking about interactions differently. I keep telling people they have to read this- it's really mindblowing. Where I live there's still a pretty strict mindset of "let the guy do all the chasing" and I found myself being chased by men I wasn't interested in and blaming it on the dating game. Thanks to Matthew's advice and ideas in the book I'm taking charge now, and I can't wait to see where this goes! I'm going to finish reading it, tell more people, and follow his advice... I can get the man I want by actually going and looking for him, and thinking about what I'm doing and why in new ways. Can't say thanks enough!