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  • Cheryl - great date bookThis is my second time using the datebook. In fact I originally bought it for me to use however my mom like it so much that she began to use it.
    So now that a new year is coming up I bought her the 2012 datebook and she loves it. It has enough space to put all her appointment and such &s
    she love the little tid bits of information, recipes and lore in the pages.
  • Diverse Diva "Div" - Toronto Notes - Rapid Review Pathology on Steroids & a Comprehensive Source for Step 2 preparationAre you looking for one text book that can carry you through all of your core and elective clinical rotations?

    Are you looking for a COMPREHENSIVE text book that you can use to prepare for USMLE Step 2?

    Then this book is for you!!!

    Toronto notes contains 1377+ pages of information that is appropriate for students in their 3rd & 4th year of Medical school and for Family Medicine & EM Residents and Physicians.

    The topics covered in the text book include :
    1 Ethical, legal and Organizational Aspects of Medicine
    2 Anesthesia and Peri-operative Medicine
    3 Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery
    4 Clinical Pharmacology
    5 Dermatology
    6 Diagnostic Medical Imaging
    7 Emergency Medicine
    8 Endocrinology
    9 Family Medicine
    10 Gastroenterology
    11 General Surgery
    12 Geriatric Medicine
    13 Gynecology
    14 Hemotology
    15 Infectious Diseases
    16 Nephrology
    17 Neurology
    18 Neurosurgery
    19 Obstetrics
    20 Ophthalmology
    21 Orthapedics
    22 Otolaryngology
    23 Pediatrics
    24 Plastic Surgery
    25 Population & Community Health
    26 Psychiatry
    27 Respirology
    28 Rheumatology
    29 Urology
    30 Common Unit Conversions
    31 Commonly Measured Lab Values
    32 List of Abbreviations
    33 Index

    - comes with 2 pocket books that you can carry along with you on the wards
    - comes with online access
    - covers the horses AND zebras
    - lab values are presented in both SI and metric units
    - updated yearly
    - can be used by any student studying medicine in any country (patients with celiac sprue should not eat bread, chapati or gyro...wheat containing products are wheat containing products the culprit is region specific)

    -very bulky
    - expensive (amazon sellers bump up the price by close to $200; this book is sold at a price of $120-$180 at Canadian book stores ie University of Toronto )
    - medical legal issues are Canadian specific

    Context: I have written, Step 1 and 2 and recently discovered this book. I wish I had purchased it when I begun clinical rotations.
  • Tammy R. Burgin - Mizuno Women's Wave RiderThis is the 4th or 5th pair of Wave Riders I've purchased. They are light weight and have a wider toe box with secure heel. (I have duck feet... narrow heel normal "toe" area) They have good arch support. I do however get doctor shoals arch support inserts for all my walking shoes as I have a high arch. I've been told I dont pronate so other styles of Mizuno would not be comfortable for me. For those of you that walk and run without your foot rolling to the inside or outside this is the style for you. I love mine.
  • George Weiner "Reads Biz Books" - I like my Tuscan Whole Milk cold..."I like my Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz cold and my women hot." My uncle would utter with a Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz moustache that would make even the likes of Tom Selleck circa Magnum,PI wildly jealous.Magnum, P.I. - The Complete First Season

    I grew up in house where the true value of a man was measured in the way he managed a glass of Tuscan Whole Milk. Through my years whenever I was tempted by the milk of another, my family's saying has always kept me loyal.

    And here, in this review I'd like to share it with you.
    Man up and drink your damn Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz.
  • Mellie-Mel "Medic Mel" - An absolute must have!!!! Length:: 1:58 Mins

    I have two other play mats but this by far is my favorite and Bryce loves this one the best so far. I uploaded pics of him at 6 weeks old playing with this. The arc with the toys on it mounts both above the baby when he/she is on their back or it mounts in front of them down low while doing tummy time. Not all babies like tummy time especially in the beginning and Bryce is no exception but he would do tummy time on this mat . It is well designed and I love that it will grow with him. When he is bigger and sitting up on his own I can flip the piano up so he can play it while sitting. I actually am probably going to purchase a second one to leave at the babysitters. DEFINITELY put this on your registry and if its not purchased it trust me it is well worth it. Shop around for the best price tho I paid around $36 dollars but the prices vary widely depending on where you look. And just a sidenote I am leaving this raving review on my own accord and with no incentives or kudos from Amazon or Fisher Price but I have definitely talked this up at several stores I was in when I saw others shopping for play mats. This is the ONE Moms Dads Grandmas etc... You wont be dissapointed!!! Im going to try and upload a video but the better quality one is on my you tube and I can't find it on my computer. But it will give you an idea. Keep in mind he is only 6 weeks in this video so he wasn't batting at the toys as much as he does now at 11 weeks.Not sure how to link the pictures of him that I uploaded but theres 6 or 7 of em.