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  • L. Miller - Male Politicians and Priests can't yet stop you from buying these shoesI'm very glad I didn't have to drive 13 hours to buy these shoes, and then return again the next day after the 24 hour waiting period. The transvaginal ultrasound would have been rather uncomfortable, and hearing how some politicians and priests think they cause cancer would have been awkward. I'm relieved Wendy, Texas' Democratic Senators and the people of Texas screaming at the top of their lungs bought us a few more weeks.
  • Ankur - Review of the ECG Pocket Brain book by Dr. Ken GrauerCertainly a masterpiece! The ECG Pocket Brain makes ECGs easy. A concise and perfect learning tool and quick reference guide. Best ECG book I ever came across.I am a medical resident and I always carry ECG-PB in my pocket while on job.
  • Gwenn Wright "(author of Filter)" - Gabaldon leaves me sad it is over, AgainAs ever, the inaudible, "NO!" resounded within me at the end of Voyager.
    This happens at the end of every Gabaldon novel I read.
    Fortunately this time I was prepared with Drums of Autumn by my side.
    Jamie and Claire are never dull and you never want them to leave you.
    Gabaldon is a master of writing at the highest level. If only history professors could bring the past to life with the same rich and lovely
    detail as Gabaldon.
  • Pamela - Best heating pad I have usedThis heating pad is long so it fits all across my lower back. It is also soft and comfy. The 2 hour shut off timer is a great feature since I tend to fall asleep. My old pad was a small square and felt like I was laying on wires. Not this one. This is the best pad and it is a good price for what you get.