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  • GeorgeKrieger - Big Brother is becoming our Best Friend in the real world.I just finished this book and even though I was aware of many contextual examples existing in the world today it opened the door even further to this amazing new age we are heading into. When a technology shows itself to be desirable to both business and customers, doctors and patients, athletes and their trainers, and even employees and their bosses you know you will be seeing many iterations of that technology coming fast. Technology and procedures that make the world Contextually Responsive to our Needs and Desires is what the discussion is about. Think Google Glass, Sensors in Pills, your smartphone and software that takes the data these sensors and many more like them collect and make sense of it all.... then add in prediction and communication and you get context. When you need to be at the airport to catch a plane your phone can now alert you that it is time to leave without setting any alarms, there are many more examples but this one is simply "Google Now" on Android phones and has been released for almost a year already. Many people do not even know that Google Now exists and is trying to help them everyday.... but it is.

    After reading "The Age of Context" you begin to realize that most peoples privacy fears are both underestimated and over-reacted to. We are already living in a world full of sensors collecting everything from weather to particle density to imagery and even more are used everyday to get us where we are going and to tell us when we need to do things we would forget otherwise. Some are even wearable sensors to inform us about our health and surroundings. My wife wore the first glucose sensor to hit the public market years ago, it was one of many things that helped her stay alive long enough to get a Pancreas Only transplant and be cured of Diabetes Type I. The technology is not perfect but it helped. Point is that your life will be affected by "The Age of Context" and its bewildering amount of intricate parts. Reading this introduction to the age which we are entering may give you a leg up on knowing where you can get help doing everything from catching your plane on-time to helping you stay on top of a deadly medical condition. Information is knowledge and this book has the insight to help you understand it all in simple modern laymen's terms.

    I could not recommend the book more highly . . . I hope I have put that into Context for you.
  • Puppydog58 "Sue" - This is WonderfulI have IBS and severe constipation, after using Align, I am feeling much better, I think is medication is WONDERFUL!
  • Caitlin - Excellent Service and Product!Whenever buying products on Amazon, I am a bit skeptical. How can a product normally $40+ in stores be so much less expensive and still have the same quality? I was incredibly pleased with this purchase. I recently fulfilled a dream of buying a MacBook Pro. Because I spent so much money on my laptop, I wanted to buy a cover to protect it better but not have to spend a fortune. I found this one quickly after searching and bought the shell in "Turquoise Robin Egg Blue". I was so surprised when I received it in the mail only a couple of days after placing my order. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it was in prime condition and fit my laptop like a glove. It feels very high quality and was extremely simple to slide and snap on. It is the perfect Tiffany blue color and I was happy to see that my Apple logo still glows through. Thank you so much to the sellers, I love this MacBook Pro shell!
  • Lisa Hensley - Everything you need to know!I purchased the 2010 book when I went on my first trip to Europe two years ago. It had everything I needed to know to plan for my trip, where to stay, eat, visit. All the helpful tips you need to know to avoid pitfalls and help make everything go smoother. I am going again this summer and have the new version so I have all the latest updates. I love his books!